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yzma, any update on mythie?
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I've been wondering the same thing. . .
Any word?

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I am so glad to hear she is doing better! How is she doing today? Much much better I hope.
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Hi everyone.
I'm back from my holiday and would just like to thank everyone (esp Shell bump bump) for their support and their good wishes and prayers while we were away.

Mythie is recovering.
She had an abcess which has eaten away at the fat on her tummy. You know that place where cats tend to store fat between their hind legs? Well, Mythies little pouch is totally gone. All that's left is red muscle tissue. We saw the wound yesterday and it's really really raw. The vets are positive though. She's eating like a horse and she doesn't seem to be too concerned.

Next week the vet is going to try and undermine the wound and pull the healthy skin over the wound to cover it up instead of doing a skin graft.

She's doing okay guys... And i'm so grateful for all the good vibes that you guys sent her when i was away.

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What a relief! I bet that was scary to see her like that. It's good to hear that it doesn't seem to bother her and that the vets are positive about her healing.

I've been worried about her since the original post. I can only imagine how heartwrenching it would be if that would happen and how much harder it would be being so far from her.

Still keeping her in my thoughts and prayers! Please keep us updated on what happens.
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I'm glad Mythie is doing better! How long does the vet think she'll have to stay there?
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So good to hear your baby is doing better!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
I'm glad Mythie is doing better! How long does the vet think she'll have to stay there?
Well if he does the surgery next week she'll probably be there for a week after that. That'll bring the total to almost a whole month!!
We visit her everyday for an hour though.
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Wow that's a long time to be gone! I can imagine it is hard on you to have her there. EVen though I'm sure part of you is also relieved she is getting excellent care!
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I went ahead and merged this with the original thread, so that everyone who has been reading this story line won't miss anything. I am sure Mythie is going to be thrilled to be back home soon as well.
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I'm so happy Mythie's doing better!
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I'm so glad to hear that she's doing better. What an ordeal, it must have been a shock when you first saw her. Healing vibes for her to heal quickly and return home! ((Hugs)) to the mommy!
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It's good to have you back. I'm sure that Mythie was just thrilled to see you! I'm so happy to hear that she is doing so much better. Poor baby!

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Hey all...
went to see mythie yesterday she's pretty good.
she seemed a little less active but the vet doesn't think it's anything to be concerned about
just to be sure i've called in the reiki lady to give her a session this evening.
can't wait to see the poor little mite today...
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Wow, what a long journey this has been for your household! So glad that things are looking better for your furkid!!

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That is a pretty large opening. Here if they want a wound to drain they place a rubber tube through the wound and stitch the rest of the wound closed. The skin will heal and the tube keeps it open to drain. I woud worry about infection with such a large opening. What does the vet site say?
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We've had to leave an abscess open to heal on our cat, but nothing even approaching that size. IMO I agree with Teresa's assessment of this one...especially considering the location - won't she reintroduce bacteria every time she defecates? But then again I'm certainly not a vet! Perhaps another surgery would be too hard on her, or he thinks she'll heal faster at home than at the vet?
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Wow, that is a big wound!
Of course I am no expert, but I would not be comportable to let this heal like this. Maybe it´s not deep, so it wont have to be stitched ?
Is this Mythie? How did she become thet wound? (I have not been following the Mythie story from the beginning, and I don´t know where the beginnings is...)

I hope she will feel better soon!
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Yzma this type of thread belongs in the health forum. It should be with your original thread on this subject as many people have followed the Mythie story from day one. I am moving this now, and merging it with your original thread. You should have professionals looking at this, not cat owners some of who have never seen this type of wound before because it is very distressing to view. Traci, cattech should see this as well. Have you been to her board lately?
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Mythie has fully recovered.
An update ... can be found here:
(please check page two)
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{{{hugs for you and your kitty cat}}}
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Suraya, I'm so happy that Mythie has recovered completely! I took a look at your thread on the other site & I was amazed at how bad it looking so good. I do believe it was a miracle...looks like someone was looking over her during this time!
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That was quite an experience (viewing the pics from start to finish).

That poor, poor, cat! And you!

I'm so glad she's recovered so nicely.
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I've been lurking on the other site checking up on Mythie's healing. I'm so happy she's doing so much better now. Hooray!
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Oh my god those pics.. I think I'm going to faint

I am SOO glad Mythie is doing better. What a horrible thing to go through *hugs*
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