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Mythie Might Have To Have SURGERY!!!

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What a MAD 24 hours we have had!
Last night Mythie puked twice...
Then she started straining to go to the toilet.
So we rushed her to the emergency vet...
And he diagnosed her with suspected collitis.
The emergency vet advised that we keep her with them for a few more days...

As we are leaving for NZ tomorrow, we decided that we would rather, if she has to be monitored, we would rather she stay at our own vet, rather than with strangers...
So, this morning, we went down and picked her up and drove her over to our vet.
By the time she got there she was wailing in agony!
Anyway, our vet did an xray and there is a lump in her intestine...
A solid mass...

She's now on a drip at our vet.
(The same vet who rescued her and gave her to us)
Tomorrow they are going to try and xray her again...
from a different angle...

On the way back from the vet tonight, it dawned on me that it could be a furball! It also dawned on me that the last few weeks she has done the furball hack a couple of times....

Does any one have any experience with furballs that have caused a blockage serious enough for a vet to be considering operating to get it out?

Does anyone else think it might be a furball?
We can't think of a single thing that she might have eaten...


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i hope she is okay!! that happened once with my inlaws cat allen. Turned out his intestants were slightly twisted. They gave him meds and switched him to a easy to digest food.
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I'm so sorry she's not well, Suraya! Sending get-well-quick prayers for Mythie and hugs for you
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My girlfriend's cat, K.C., had a hairball blockage. They were able to remove it and he did fine.
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Sending get well vibes to Mythie!!!!
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Hairball blockage can be life-threatening. It was good of you to take her in. It depends on if it is a partial blockage or complete blockage, and it also depends on if it is hair or something else. They won't be able to tell until they go in to see. One good way to help stop hairballs from forming is to brush your cat every day and add fiber to her diet to help push the hair through the system. When cats groom themselves, their barbs on their tongue capture the fur and they swallow it, thus causing the problem.

I am sorry that you have to go through this right now and what bad timing for you.
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Aw ....
Thanks Guys...
And Thank You, Tybalt
Anyway, we've made the difficult decision to leave her with our vet until she is fully recovered. I can't take any chances with her being here with the cat-sitter even though the cat-sitter is a good friend of ours... Why complicate things?

So... tomorrow we're going back to see my poor little Dahling. My instinct is telling me it's a furball blockage...

Princess Purr....
i hope she is okay!! that happened once with my inlaws cat allen. Turned out his intestants were slightly twisted. They gave him meds and switched him to a easy to digest food.
Twisted Intestines sounds pretty grim to me I hope Mythie isn't suffering from that. I don't know if a twist in the intestine would show up on the xray... i'll ask the vet tomorrow though.

I can't believe we all stood around wondering what on earth she could have eaten, and NO ONE thought of furballz...
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Thanks Hissy. I know... Rotten Timing
The thing is that we do groom her. By all accounts it just doesn't make any sense, unless... and i believe this may be the case, you know those clumps of hair that come off after you zoom groom? unless she ate one of those... i know they have been known to occasionally levitate mysteriously out of the bin... it's quite windy up here...

I took her some socks, her own bowl, a little goddess of mercy statue and Zooey's bedding so she'll at least have smell company. The poor little mite was all curled up in the corner, and her cubicle is on top on top of this really yappy little doggy in a head bucket.

Can't wait to see her tomorrow.

Thanks for all the vibes guys...
Keep Em Coming!
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Poor baby! Poor mommy of the baby - you must be so stressed now! I will pray for a speedy recovery for her!
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Oh Yzma I am so sorry, good thoughts going your way!

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Poor little girl.
I pray that she recovers quickly so she can be back home with you.
I feel your pain over leaving her at the vets. It's just as stressful for the parents as it is for the animal.

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Oh, I hope your little girl is going to be okay. I'm sure your vet will take good care of her while you're gone.
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So sorry to hear this!!! Lots of prayers and meows for her to recover soon.
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Sending lots of get-well thoughts your way. ((hugs)).
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I'm so sorry this is happening. Are you still leaving for your vacation? This must be so hard on you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mythie
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I pray she will be well soon.
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Thanks guys...
Yes, we're still leaving....
I wish i could stay...
But ...
Anyway i'm calling the vet in as soon as they open and will update you then.
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I just called the vet.
Apparently she is doing better this morning.
They've just given her another dose of the pain killer and once it starts to take effect they're going to palpate her and maybe take another xray to see if they can get any more clues as to what it may be.

She's still in discomfort as whatever it is, IS still there, the painkillers seem to be taking the edge of the pain though...
poor little thing.

Anyway, I asked the vet about wether it might be a furball and the vet said that they usually cough those up. I suppose at this point it could really be ANYTHING.

Hopefully i'll have some more info after we go to the vet.
We'll be going at 11:30am.
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I hope she does ok. You'll probably go nuts worrying while on your vacation. Hopefully you can at least stay in contact with the vet so you don't worry too much.
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Sending good vibes for your kitty!
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Any updates?
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Wow I so sorry that she is sick. The Sammycat had a hairall blockage about 4 months ago that required him to spend that night and all day at the vets office. Thankfully no surgery had to be done to clear him up. Now I am feeding him a hairball remedy Iams catfood and he gets a hairball remedy ointment twice a week. He really likes that stuff, he will lick it right off my finger and push Oscar out of the way to get to it.
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We went to the vet at about 11 this morning.
She's better.
Some of the gas has cleared so she's less bloated and she seemed in slightly better spirits.

The second xray showed that the lump has moved down further.
The vet has given her a laxative which should push it down even further. And hopefully push it out.

He hasn't mentioned surgery again so that's a relief.
What else...
We're going back to see her later.

She ate a little bit while we were there.
We're not out of the woods yet, but i do have a feeling she'll be okay.
And besides if there's one person we'd trust our cats with it's our vet. They're really amazing!

Thanks guys.

Will post an update again later.
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Suraya i have been following this thread since yesterday, was praying and hoping kitty would be ok.
I'm really glad poor baby is better this morning.

Sending more get better vibes (((())))
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The Sammycat
... i thought we were the only people in the whole world who sometimes refer to our cats with a 'the' before their names...
Eg...The Bobbie or The Zooey
or ... Help! There's a Mythie on the rug!

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I'm so glad to hear she is better!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with Mythie tonight!!! Keep us posted!!!!!!
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I am just seeing this. I'm terribly sorry about your baby, and I'll be praying as well. It sounds like things are starting to look up, and lemme tell ya.. if I was sick I'd be thrilled to have a mommy like you who goes so far out of her way to make me as comfortable as possible.
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Here's the latest update:

The vet says apart from what ever it was she swallowed she has developed some sort of infection that is melting the fat in her body.

What does this mean?

[I won't be able to check this thread for a couple of days maybe...]

The vet said she's now under agressive treatment to stop the infection from spreading. He mentioned something called nicosis? nikosis? not sure of the spelling.... He said it's quite common in cats. In the advanced stages the skin starts to fall off!

What a nightmare!

Does anyone have any info on what might be going on with our kitty?

Please send her some get well vibes guys....
I'm super worried.

When we spoke to the vet on the phone (we've called him everyday since being here) he was hesitant to say wether she'd even make it

I wish i had stayed at home.

Any info would be greatly appreaciated guys...
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OH NO!! Many prayers to Mythie and you guys!! We're all pulling for her to make it.
Many hugs Suraya!((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))
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Thanks so much shell....
Mythie is in the best hands though... if there's anyone we have faith in its our vet.

I'm also getting her long distance reiki... every little bit helps.
keep those vibes coming guys.
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