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something to smile

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Hi everybody,
I hope this will make you laugh as well.
Last week I was sitting at our diningroom table having breakfast when my husband came downstairs. Instead of saying good morning I just said" Na" to find out how he was. His answer was" Mow" and he was absolutely serious about his answer and only found out what he had said when I told him. Can you imagine that we had a good laugh. First thing in the morning is that he says good morning to the cats who usually wait for him sitting in front of his bedroom door.Most of the time he feeds them because he´s the first who gets up.And when he´s too late they start scratching the door or try to wake me.So that´s it
Love Elisabeth
PS We are enjoying a real heatspell at the moment at least I do.Our Maine Coon had her belly shaved to have it a little more comfortable.
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LOL!!! That's so funny! I can just see that!


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that is pretty funny, but you know what is even funnier? is that you probally understood what oneanother meant. my husband and i have those moments too
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It's so funny how our lives get so wrapped up with our pets!
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That was funny! Elisabeth it is so good to see you here again!!! *HUGS* I have missed you!!
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