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care to share your day?

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was wondering what you guys did today..no matter where you are.. i spent my day missing my ex bf.. it just happens that way..one of those days..i missed calling him and sending him SMS. I miss telling him things that happen in my day... it gets really sad thinking that while i am missing him, he's probably missing somebody else.. there's nothing much in the office to handle so there's a whole lot of time to think abt such things. so that's my day today..blue blue blue what abt you guys?
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My day wasn't much better than yours Kate. I got up and went to my algebra class. Then I went out for breaksfast with a class mate. Then I came home to an empty house. I talked to my neighbor for a few moments, but other than that, no human contact for the remainder of the day. I stayed up till about 1:00 a.m.

Kate, try not to allow your ex-bf "rent free space" in your head.
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I babysat my 1 year old grandaugther. From 9 Am to 1 Am Can't really talk to a year old!
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I am sitting around still recovering from having 11 teeth pulled on Monday. My s/o went to visit some friends in SC. I will have the house to myself all weekend, with the kitties, of course.
kateang, I know it is not the same as telling someone special to you about your day, but I hope you realize that you have a lot of people here that are always glad to listen. I am so sorry you are going through this rough time.
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11 TEETH!!! What's the reason? ouch!
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My day consists of sitting around trying to learn flash, because I am STILL unemployed and am trying to learn marketable skills instead of just sitting around on my bum.. but really I'm not learning much.. Watching soap operas, playing with kitty, cleaning and stuff.. Filled out some bills (ugh), and did some net job searches which came up with not much, and I'll never get calls from the ones I sent into. Getting some stuff together to see my old department head from college, who is gonna at least give me a rec, but hopefully will give me some leads too..

Also thinking about whether or not to break up with bf.. We are scheduled to go on a trip and tho I can't really stand him at this point we already paid for the room and it's my only chance to go to the beach this summer so I'm hoping I can hold off. Maybe we can get closer on vacation but I doubt it. It's pretty bad right now, I can't even stand to be around him. Not because he's a bad guy, but because he's not my type and we just differ on so many issues that I think it would make me happier to be stuck alone in a cave the rest of my life than be stuck with him.

But all in all not a bad day. I'm moderately happy and n a positive mood
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Annabelle, nothing is worse than spending a vacation with someone you can't even stand! I made that mistake with my ex-fiancee, went to Mexico when I really wanted to go with someone else, my bestfriend. I was further drifting apart from my ex and almost made it but at the last minute he came and it was awful!!! The worst trip ever in my life. You should think it over and despite the room and all being paid for, think about how long you'll be stuck with him. On the flipside, devil's advocate, maybe it could help you decide for sure that you want to break up with him or rekindle some spark, somewhere in there. Just my opinion.
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