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My doctor has told me, that following my vasectomy, that I cannot body build for a month and I love doing this
Have seen this thing called Pilates floating around and am tempted. Has anyone tried it at all - is it worth doing and has anyone seen any noticeable results?
still sore and bruised but getting there
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Kev, Pilates is great but it's not like body building, it's a kind of holistic mind body and soul experience and about balancing your body (posture, skeletal strength as well as muscle control).

As a form of exercise I think it's brilliant as you don't have to work up a sweat (horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow according to my rather austere nun-ran primary school ), to find that you're getting a better physique.

I'd suggest getting an introductory video first, and then if you like it maybe see if there's a class running locally to you.
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My aunt loves it! She finds it very strenghtening.
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