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Tests Show Bad Liver. (photo & test results)

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We brought our cat in for a teeth cleaning because we saw her gums seemed a little swollen. (see attachment) The blood test came back with an elevated ALT of 901 and a low Auto Platelet of 69. Everything else is pretty much in normal rage. (see attachment) She also did a T4 blood test which came up normal. EKG was also normal. She is free of any symptoms. She’s had allergies since she was a year old but that’s it.

The Vet prescribed Denamarin 90mg tablets once a day for three weeks. Then she wants to do another blood test in three weeks. The vet was also talking about Ultrasound and liver biopsy. She also didn't want to do the teeth cleaning or put her under anesthetic until she takes a new blood test. She gave her rabies and distemper shot. (she’s very resistant to taking the pills. It would take major force to administer them so we have put that off)

We're of course very worried now with the Vet talking of, ultrasound, liver biopsy, possible liver cancer or hepatitis, possible teeth extractions etc. I was hoping you could shed some light on what the best thing to do in this case. We sort of feel we’re, “being sold.†One minute she’s telling us we need do nothing, then in the same conversation she’s telling us she doesn’t want to do the teeth cleaning until further testing. In other words we’re not getting a good gut feeling about this whole matter. We need a second opinion.

Does she really need a teeth cleaning? Is the test readings something to be concerned about? Are thing bad enough to not do a teeth cleaning if indeed she needs one?

This is a link to the test results and a photo of her teeth.

Thank you,

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FIrst take a deep breathe ..Yes get a second opinion ... I have been thru liver issues in humans , dogs and cats... I do agree with the first line treatment vet suggests ..

as for the medicine call your local compounding pharmacy , they can often make a paste, liquid or flavor meds to make it easier... also pill pockets can help get a stubborn kitty to take meds..
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I used the Denamarin with my Maverick when he had elevated livers enzymes and it worked wonders. I don't recall the exact numbers now (that was almost three years ago now, and sadly, I ended up losing my precious Maverick to lymphnode cancer ), but I do remember that the numbers were high, and after a few weeks of him being on the Denamarin they went down drastically. After a few months, the numbers were below a hundred.

Try using one of those pill poppers if you're having problems giving the pills to your cat. I can usually gets pills down my stubborn cats by using one of those. You should also wash the pill down with water so it doesn't get stuck in your cat's throat as that can cause serious damage.

I would also suggest getting a second opinion from another vet if you're not comfortable with what your current vet is recommending.

I personally would give the Denamarin a try. Good luck!
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Always seek a second opinion when it comes to matters like this.
One of the biggest reasons is that you don't feel comfortable/right about the vet and their opinion, that really does mean something.
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