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I was very upset when I couldn't get in this morning but now I'm here I just wanna know what everyone has been up to today???

I couldn't go to school because I have the flu and now I'm sitting down to a Ham Roll a Sprite and a bar of choc!


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mmmm...Chocolate...gimmme that chocolate....gimme,gimme,gimme..Opps sorry being very rude here.

Sam Hope you feel better real soon. The flu is the pits isn't it? Take a bite of choclate for me. GET WELL SOON!
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Oh, good, sounds like you're recovering a bit, since you've got some appetite!! I feel for you, get well soon.

Don't talk food to me, I'm sooo hungry, waiting for hubby to bring some takeout home (too lazy to cook).

And watching these cats just up from their nap, and uber-charged!! What neat little beings.
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Did you get to go over your new friend's house this week like you had talked about?

Yummy! Ham roll. sprite and chocolate!

I am going to bed now so I will talk to you about it tomorrow
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Cathi- lol, I would give you some chocolate but HAHA too late already finished it...! lol, Yeah the flu really sucks, sore ribs, nose, eyes, voice, arrrrrrrrrrh.

Hi Superkitty- I hope you enjoy the takeouts!

Hey Ginger, I didn't go over to my new friend Lisa's house, my other friend lisa came and stayed and my new friend lisa came to the mall with us , it was fun!

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