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New pic's of my kitties!

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I've got several new picture's of my kitties. I finally got a digital camera (nothing fancy) and I've been messing around with it a bit tonight. The pic's aren't that great. I'm still trying to master the camera, but I thought I'd share them with you all.

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Shell those are some really pretty purrbabies you have there. I bet at times Bud will make your back hurt when you pick him up huh?
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Hey Shell!

I just love this one

It's so cute Tiki has the cutest expression on her face

All of the pictures are great

Well Done
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Wow they are beautiful Shell!!

btw what the heck do you feed them???
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your kitties are so sweet, you can just see their personalities
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Awww...thanks Guys!

Sam, that's my fave pic too. It's like Tiki's saying "When can I play?".

Sicy, Until I found TCS I had always assumed that all cat foods were the same. I found that I was feeding them Kitty JunkFood. Right now I'm finishing up a bag of Purina One (still not very good), but am looking at Royal Canin. Hopefully Bud and Echo can slim down a bit! Poor Tiki looks to scrawny compared to the other Fatties!

Cathi, I make a point to never pick him up! He would break my back! He's such a mellow fellow...while the other two can be quite high strung. Maybe that's why he's so dang fat!
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Well he is still a georgous kitty Just think when he slims down a little bit he will be so easy to snuggle with.
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Cute, cute, cute! I like that one of Tiki too.
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Aw Shell - congrats on the new cam! The pics are great - and your kitties all look so huggable, LOL! What sweeties.
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What a lovely happy thread! Cool Shell!
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They're all so bee-yuuu-tiful!
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Aww... Shell cute furkids
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What little cuties! (okay, they're quit so little! ) I'm so glad you got yourself a digital camera, we get to see kitty pictures more often now!
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