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OMG I'm still in shock!!!

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I just spent a lovely evening having dinner and cocktails with friends and then got a cab home.
20ft from my house 2 guys tried to hijack my taxi!!
20ft from my own house a guy was pointing a gun at me trying to take my cab and failing that he wanted my bag & phone.

I just can't believe it. I know belfast has a bad rep, but this is just mad!!
I'm going to live in a Disney Movie!
Sorry to rant but I just had to get it off my chest, I don't want to tell my family because I don't want to freak them out.
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We are certainly glad that you're okay!!!! I know this may sound trite, but at least you weren't hurt!
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Wow I'm glad you're alright. What ended up happening? Did the police get them? I would be so freaked out I'd probably stop breathing!
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Glad you're okay, make sure your doors and windows are locked so that they don't return. What did the taxi driver do?
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OMG! Are you ok? Man, I'd lose it if that happened to me!
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Yikes, what a scary experience! Did you call the cops? Are you okay now? I am like Shell, I probably would have lost it!

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WOAH!!! That is scary!! Did he end up just running off or what happened??
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OMG, how scary!!!!! If anyone ever pointed a gun at me like that I'd probably have a heart attack!!!

I really hope you're ok!
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Thank God you are okay! I hope something mean and nasty scared him off!
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You didn't tell us what happened! But thank God you're OK!!!! WOW - I bet you're still shaking. I hope that Disney movie is working its magic!!!!!!!!!

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Are you alright I would have been scared to death. I hope you and the Cab driver called the police and reported this.
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Thank goodness you're ok!! What a frightening experience. Criminals where you least expect it, and too close to home.
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Oh Catherine. (((HUGS))) I'm so sorry, I hope you are okay, please come and talk sweetie.

Let us know ok????
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Thank you everyone for all your concern. I'm absolutley fine. The police came but they couldn't find the guys and they stayed in the area until the morning time so I felt safe enough.
It was funny because i called the police on my mobile and the taxi driver called for back up, in about 5 minutes there were around 15 taxis in the one street! Don't mess with taxi drivers
I'm feeling much better now, but i'm just hoping the neighbours don't tell my parents, they are quite old and I don't want them to worry about me.
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Catherine, I'm so glad you're all right. I hope they nab those guys! I'm with you on living in a Disney Movie! In fact, my plan for my future is to move to Orlando and go to work at Disney! I'm gonna live as close as I can to the Mouse.
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How scary! I don't know Disney movies can get pretty scare - did you see what happened to Simba in the Lion King! I would personally like to live in a nice Monet painting!
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Yeah that's much better I'll go for the Monet painting too. The Japaneese garden perhaps.
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For some reason I'm laughing, yeah Disney movies sometimes are a bit scary, the witch in snow white still gives me the creeps, I've never looked at apples the same way.

I'm glad you are safe and sound. A somewhat similar incident happened to me in Lvegas right after I spoke with my father and he said "you know las Vegas, there is a lot of crime and someone could shoot you" and of course, me being 'independent' said "oh dad, nothing like that is going to happen to me." The next day at a friend's house, her ex-boyfriend (after she got a restraining order against him) came in and shot her in front of me and put the gun against my temple, held it there for what seemed like forever, told me to stay out of it and then ran after her to shoot her again. I knew he would commit suicide after that, thinking that she was dead, but she wasn't, she survived! I swear I can't look at people with hazel eyes, he had hazel eyes. I never told my parents, they would have freaked, especially me being their only.
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OMG you must have been petrified. How awful, that's the kind of thing I think it would take years to get over. I hope that you are
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Catherine, glad you're ok. WHat a scary experience. I don't know what I would do in that case.

Jellybelly, that is awful, how did you get over that?
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My hubby helped me through it, I moved to be with him after he took a job there. Anyway, it took a few weeks for me to get out of the house and to look at people's eyes, the first look was someone with hazel eyes which made my skin tingle and my husband had to pull me along and remind me that he's dead. But I felt bad for my friend, she was shot three times and survived, she kept apologizing and I told her not to, that I felt I was there for a reason which was to call the cops, they had a daughter which luckily she was with her grandmother at the time. On top of that, the year before the accident, around the same date, I had a vivid dream of someone holding a gun and the guy in my dream told me to lay down and that he would just shoot my shoulder but not kill me. That was freaky.

Merlot just be careful, make sure your doors and windows are locked when you sleep. I guess now that I have my son I would actually want to know if anything bad were to happen to him when he moves out on his own, natural to worry about our own
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Catherine and Jellybelly, that is just AWFUL what you both have gone through!!!!! Jellybelly, I am so glad your friend survived!! And Catherine, I'm so glad you are okay!!! I have never had a gun pointed at me...I can only imagine the immense fear that goes through you at a time like that...I would be scared to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What a frightening thing to go through you two!

Merlot, I thought Belfast was pretty safe apart from the political problems. Had no idea there was a bad crime problem there!
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Anne it is safe, well as safe as any city is nowdays! But you just never expect it to happen to you.
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Thank goodness that you or the cab driver didn't get hurt!

Did you both call the police???? What happened to the bad guys????

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