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Question about changing food

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I've decided that I want to upgrade my kitties food (I'm now using Purina One for all 3 cats). I've been looking at Royal Canin products, but I'm not sure what kind I should get. I've seen that they have one kind for Persian's (Tiki's a Himmie...pretty much the same thing), but my other 2 are DSH. I'm not sure if I should give them the same food. Plus, Echo & Bud are overweight and I'd like to get them some good quality food for that problem. My Vet told me to get Iams for weight loss, but I've heard so many good things about RC. I prefer to feed them all the same kind of food, especially since they are mainly free fed through out the day.

So, should I get the RC Slim? Will that be ok for Tiki (who is 8 pounds and not overweight at all)? Or should I just stop free feeding them? Or should I buy the Persian formula even though 2 out of the 3 are not Persian/Himmie's? I'm so confused!

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I would suggest to your vet that you would like to try Royal Canin and see what he says. My vet told me to stop free feeding, because with more than one cat, they are eating competitively. As in, one eats, the other eats too.

I have managed to have one cat on diet food (more or less) and the other on regular adult food (more or less). They snack on the other's choices, but the main meals are their own variety.
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Good for you for switching your kitties over! I personally love Royal Canin, but my cats don't! I would just go for the Indoor 27 formula.

Indoor 27 Formula

For Adult Cats Who Live Exclusively Indoors

*Limited variations in temperature and lighting can lead to virtually constant shedding and increased periods of grooming, making the formation of hairballs more problematic.

*The lower activity levels and increased feeding periods can mean an increased risk for obesity, so appropriate energy levels must be a consideration in your choice of a diet.

*A highly digestible food that is lower in protein and formulated with chicory extract may directly influence stool and, therefore, litterbox odor.

I has less fat in it so your cat doesn't become overweight. Maybe you can get the Slim formula and the Indoor 27 and mix them. Or if it is possible, feed Bud and Echo the Slim and Tiki the Persian formula. Free feeding is a no go when you have overweight cats, unless you only give them their daily portions and leave it out all day. Once they clean the bowl, DON'T fill it until the next day.

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