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Adjusting to new home....

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Cleo is doing better with her litterbox issues...nothing outside the litterbox since yesterday morning.

However, I'm a little worried about her adjustment to her new surroundings. I know it will take her time to get used to everything. I realize now after reading articles and information in the forums that I did not introduce her to her new environment in the best way. I pretty much gave her free roam when she got here. She comes out and plays from time to time, especially at night, but whenever she gets spooked (which is ALOT) she hides under my bed for hours.

What should I do when she does this? Is it best to leave her alone and let her come out on her own or ? Any other helpful hints?
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I would just leave her alone. She goes under there to feel secure and wants to be left alone. The quickest way to get a cat to come to you, is to ignore her. As long as you know she is healthy, and eating and using the litterpan, let her just adjust. She has new smells and new sounds and new vibrations to get used to. If the previous owners had pets, it is possible she is picking up their scent and this is adding to her discomfort. If you can get a baby gate and put it up over the doorway of a room (vertical not horizonatal) and isolate her in that one room so she can still smell and see the house, that will help. most gates can extend the full length of the doorway. You don't want a solid door between you, you want to be able to let her see and smell what is going on.
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