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I just woke up from a nap with Socks (i'm not leaving Fluffy out he just won't cuddle ) Anyhow Socks was right by me the whole time kissing and purring and rubbing his whiskers against me. (no not some bad "b" flick! ) I know it sounded bad lol Anyhow its love..
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How cute! Kitty lovin'!

The last couple of nights Carmella has wanted to hop into bed with me. But Peaches won't have that! She's drawn the line! While Peaches usually lays with me until I go to sleep and then moves to sleep on top of the alarm clock... the last few nights she has stayed right in bed guarding her mommy. If Carmella tries to make a move toward the bed she gets "the look." Funny, huh?
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I'm jealous I never get to take a nap at anytime Shoot if I did something would fall apart somewhere anyway Oh well one day
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