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Taking Jasper off the Prozac-not working.

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It's been one month today. Maybe I haven't given it enough time, I don't know. Everything I have read leads me to believe it should have started working by now. In the meantime, Jasper just doesn't "look" that great to me. And I have a feeling he is sick to his stomach. I can't stand the thought of him not feeling well because of something I am doing to him. He's still spraying like crazy so why bother?

I called the vet. He does have to be weaned. So, tomorrow I give him half the dose he's been getting, for one week. After that, I can stop it. I'm at a loss at to what to do next, if anything. I just don't know anymore. He's so unhappy. Not the hyper kitty he should be. If he had stopped the marking it would be worth it to me. After all, who wants their house smelling like kitty pee? But, he's still just as bad as in the beginning. I don't think it's my imagination that he's a little more aggressive either. Of course that could be from being kept inside and being "caged". I'm talking about the enclosure I just had to have. Well, he does sleep out there so I guess it's good for something. He can be out there in hot weather and it'll be much better than being stuck inside. In that respect, it's a good thing. Plus my other kitty likes it.

I'm not going to give up on Jasper, just on the Prozac.

OT: there is a tonado warning her for the next hour. We have never had a tornado here. This weather this spring has been crazy.
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I'm so sorry to hear Jaspar is not feeling well. Hope you figure out something else to help him adjust to staying indoors more.
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I'm sorry I didn't see your earlier thread. Some people have had good success with prozac, others haven't. I'm glad you're weaning him off of it - apart from the fact it isn't helping, it doesn't seem to be agreeing with him.

I have some thoughts - but I saw there's another thread, so I'll post there.

But once you wean him off the prozac, if you haven't been able to address the problem, you might want to consider elavil (amytriptaline) instead:

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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
I'm sorry I didn't see your earlier thread. Some people have had good success with prozac, others haven't.
If Jasper is only spraying when a rival cat is on your property, triggered by territorial anxiety, would it be possible to try blocking his view ? Put up blinds on doors and windows or paper them over or something. Of course if his owners would keep him away, that would be even better.

Also, did you actually try cleaning the urine-marked areas and then spraying Feliway directly over the stain ? Or just by just plugging in the diffuser ? It may not be any more effective -but the former is what I have seen most recommended.
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He doesn't seem to need to "see" the cat next door. He just knows he's out there. I have used everything. I'm going to try the Feliway diffuser. Have two on the way. Hopefully, it'll do something. Thanks!
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have you tried a different vet? maybe another vet can give a different opinion?
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Originally Posted by Draco View Post
have you tried a different vet? maybe another vet can give a different opinion?

Yes. Another vet and a behaviorist.
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You mentioned the springtime in another post, and I am at least casually convinced that spring does have something to do with it. While female kitties can, and do, go into heat at anytime, I believe they're more likely to do so in spring. This makes me wonder if there maybe is a female cat hiding out in your neighbourhood, as well - egging the boys on :P

Now, for prevention. Are there certain areas he most often sprays in? Maybe one side of the house? I've used a 'cat replellant' spray called boundary before, to train my cats to stay off my table. Maybe around the windows where he gets most agitated? Or, in the catch more flies with sugar vein, if he does get agitated around windows, maybe a couple smalled pots of catnip to distract him?

The last suggestion I have (and I had to do this temporary to one of my cats, and then reintroduce him back into this house), do you have family or friends that would happily (thats the key) take him for a couple weeks? Especially if they dont have other animals, or animals around them. Kinda a neutral place to 'reset' themselves (of course, some cats are terrified of new places, dont do this if yours is one of them, my cat was famiiar enough with my mom that going to her house for a few weeks wasnt a big deal).

Good luck! Keep posting, any details about his behavior. Maybe one of us will come up with somethng!
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Hey there Waxlight,
There is only one female kitty, right across the street. Her and Jasper have been "friends" for the past couple of years. She is very elderly (21!). She only goes on to her front porch. Sometimes I'll see Jasper over there just laying next to her. They have never fought. I swear he knows she's an older kitty. None of the kitties around here (only a couple of them now) ever fight with her.

Jasper does get overly excited when he thinks one of the neighbors is in the yard. I just go out and chase them away when I see them. Actually, there are only two cats now that roam around here. One a few doors down and one next door. It's the one right next door that Jasper seems to take issue with, and of course, he's new to the neighborhood so I guess that's normal.

No one in my family wants anything to do with Jasper.
Besides, most of them have kitties. The only one that doesn't is allergic to them.

He has seemed to calm down a tad. He still has his moments, and wants to go out all time, but for the most part, letting him out for a very short period twice a day seems to be satisfying him enough. I ignore the cries in between and distract him with play.

I thank you for the suggestions. I hope that things continue to improve. I don't know if it's the going out or the Prozac that's calming him down. Maybe both? I have reduced the Prozac to half of what he was getting. At the dose he's getting now he is acting himself and seems to feel ok. He did get good and sick yesterday but there was a fur ball that came up so I'm thinking that was the cause.
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