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Tibby can be so strange!

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Most nights sleeping takes some time because Tibby likes to paw at my face, usually she'll paw at me then I turn around. Then she walks on my head to the other side of the pillow and paws at my face and I turn around again... and this repeats itself.
Well last night I was only half asleep when Tibby jumped on the bed with my eyes half open I finally got to see her routine. First she "makes biscuits" on the pillow for a few minutes (lol no wonder all my pillow cases have little holes) then she puts her paw over my face and just lets it hover over me for around 30 seconds then paws at my face. Then after that she sticks her face right up to mine and stares at me for a little while. Then she picks her head back up and the paw hovers over my face again and the process repeats itself.

Is she just strange or is she trying to get me to play with her?
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LOL! my son does that before his final sleep, just not the making biscuits, instead we get the feet kicking us or standing up and falling on top of us or rolling on us!!!! JB will nip my toes so that I can play, he and I would play before we slept, but since my son is here, both of them want to play with us!!!!
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Laura, have you been feeling exceptionally well and relaxed lately? Sounds like Tibby is giving you kitty Reiki!
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Toes makes bread against your head and sucks on your hair while purring very loud. He will eventually fall asleep and then so can you. I think it's a comfort routine to make you a part of her life.
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Sheldon has fairly recently started to wake me up at 4:00am-ish every night. He doesn't paw at my face though - he starts pulling my hair! He just wants to wake me up for pets, though. Maybe your tibby just wants you to love on her?

Though... I think it depends upon what time you go to bed. Our guys all seem to want to play around 10:30 - 11:00ish. So if that's when you're hitting the sack, I bet that's just what she wants to wake you up for!

...and I have to also say... when we first had kitties in here it was weird. None of them sleep with us on the bed (now THAT's strange!) - but we've turned our bedside tables into beds for them... and we'd wake up with someone lying there staring at one of us. That was a little creepy at first, LOL!
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I've heard of cats doing that, although I haven't had one that does it myself! I also wonder why they do that!
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