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MaeMae's leaving us soon......

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Gosh - if you've ever been happy and sad at the same time, this is it for me!!!! It is going to seem so quiet and empty around here..... and I think all the cats, especially Tuxedo, are going to miss her. Every time I think about it I get all choked up. And Gary every time she bounces by Gary - despite being on the phone with companies or customers - he looks down at her and says - "how can we give you up? You're so cute!!!"

BUT... the GREAT news is that she's going to someone we know and love.... airprincess!!!!! So MaeMae's going to have not only great parents, but new sisters to play with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're not sure if she's leaving us Sunday or Monday yet, but either way - IT IS SOON.

We love you MaeMae!!!!!!!!!
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Look how much she's grown!!!!!
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...but she's still tiny! She's just not teeney-weeney anymore.
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How wonderful! How did AP luck out and get this gorgeous girl! At least she will be in a loving home!
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She has gotten soooooo coordinated. The only thing she hasn't figured out how to do yet is climb straight up the walls... not for lack of trying, LOL!
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She is so cute
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She's so adorable! I'm so happy that you found her a good home
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I'm crying at work! she is so cute, I know this is sooo hard for you. If I didn't have so many already I would have taken her in a heart beat. I'm glad she is getting a great home!!!
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She's so cute all the time... but she's especially cute when she's sleeping....
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awwwwwwwwwww I love her!
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I know.... I'm so relieved she's going someplace so great!!!! But Val - I know exactly how you feel!!!!!

I'm sure the rest of the gang is going to miss her too..... if not a good playmate, at least she's a good snack, LOL!
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I am so glad this worked out! Colby is the best cat owner- responsible and loving and I know that MaeMae will be happy there. Copeland gets a buddy and Colby gets to go through Kitty Terrorism Training! LOL
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Tux will miss his mini me!
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What a sleepy girl!
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Mae Mae is so cute! That picture of her sleeping is just as sweet as can be. I'm so glad you found a good home for her. You know she will be loved to bits!
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You know Ady, it's so funny. She and Tuxedo have become such great pals... but she and Shelly have so many characteristics in common, we'd swear they were from the same gene pool except we know it's just not possible! Maybe there was one great-great-great-great grand-black&white cat somewhere back through the ages that mothered all the black & whites on the East Coast.... ????
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She reminds me alot of my Merlin! He is such a lovey momma's boy.
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She is adorable! In that last pic she looks like she is smiling!
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I told Colby that MaeMae's such an imp sometimes, she really should have been named Pixie!!!! Last night she attacked Gary's foot while he was sleeping... which woke him up with a shout! YEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW!!! He was kind of mad - but it is so hard to be upset with something that darn cute. But she made up for it just a little while later by walking up his body and curling up to sleep on his back......

And Nora - it is really, really hard to be doing this. She is so, so sweet. She's the most socialized of any of our cats, she's outgoing and fearless.... and all of our ferals love us, but they don't like anybody else! Tuxedo is the only one who likes to be picked up. When MaeMae's in "play mode" she's a little squirmbler (as we call her then), but when she's sleep... she loves being held and rocked and cuddled and just loved all over.

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I think so too!!! To us, she always looks like she's smiling. I figured it out the other day... she doesn't have much of a chin, and from the side it makes her face look a little squinchy... but it makes her smile, and from the front it makes her so cute, and from the side, it makes her so unique!
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I'm an IMP!
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She is so photogenic!
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...and I don't know if you can see it in this pic, but Tuxedo hopped up onto the back of the couch and laid down. He watched the birds and MaeMae for a while, then reached out his paw and put it on her little paws... that's this pic. He then laid his head down and fell asleep like that. It's one of those moments where I really get a lump in my throat....
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I can guess it must be just so bittersweet to have to give her up. She is so adorable. I know you would keep her for sure if you had a larger home. A lot of people would keep her and not think about what is the best thing. I commend you on such a tough decision.
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she is so adorable and cute, she will be missed by the others
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wow these are cute pictures!
Airprincess will have to keep us posted because I'm getting addicted to seeing these!
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Nora, it was close. If we weren't positive she's going to a great home, I don't think we could do it. And though the gang's going to miss her... I'm sure things will calm down between them. We really do have space issues here (!), and though she's such a fun and sweet part of our lives now, all the cats (and Gary) will have some more space, and I'm sure a lot of the dickering that's started since she joined us will stop again. Although Gary's the one who keeps looking at her and saying "How can we give her up?" - he's also the one reminding me that we have to do what's right for ALL of the cats.

Besides.... Colby's going to send back her bed and snuggle kitty when she's comfy in her new home (which will probably take the little traitor all of a day or two at most - if not just a few hours. I just hope she misses us a LITTLE bit for a day or two!). But the point is we'll be ready again if duty calls....
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She's so adorable. I wish you could keep her, because it's obvious that you love her a lot.

Do you still consider her a feral, even though you raised her, from a kitten? She's still a kitten, isn't she?
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...and she doesn't even sleep in the oyster-shell bed anymore. But we're bringing it with her just in case she wants something snuggly and familiar to help with the transition.

What ALSO makes me both happy and sad is that I bet she'll just settle into her new home and family right away! I like to think we'd be missed... but I don't want her to be sad. You know - it's that selfish - but love her and want her just to be happy tug-of-war, LOL! She's just such a happy girl, and I think she was just too young to remember people being mean to her. She seems to think everybody's wonderful!
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Hope, she is a kitten, but she's a feral kitten! Having been rescued so young might have made a difference in her socialization... but her mom was feral, so her genes are feral.

Some ferals are shy, and will always be wary or easily spooked. Others become playful, loving lap kitties. Part of it is their interaction with people - and part of it is just personality, plain and simple.

Heidi's on vacation so she can't pop in here, but I know her Ophelia was found by Heidi and hubby at a really young age, too. And she was all hiss and vinegar.

But you can see the feral in MaeMae. She's got those genes that tell her to bury her business really well. To clean herself thoroughly after a meal. To be scrupulous about both of these things.

All of our ferals - whether 12 weeks or 12 months when they came inside - became very "kitteny." They didn't get to be kittens when they were babies. They had to learn from mom how to hunt and be quiet and hide... The only difference for Mae is that she got to be a kitten when she was "supposed" to be one, and I think she was too young to remember her horrible experience with people being mean to her. And I think she was just born with a great personality!
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