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Got to Confess

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At the end of last year, someone drop 4 kittens at our house, at that time we did not own a cat/kitten and we really were not ready for it yet, so i did not know what to do with them, i guess they were like a week old or something, they looked sick to me, they had al this big thing in their eyes and one of them had his tail broken or something, it was bent in the middle.

So I called a couple of friends who already had cats, but no one could take them, and the only thing that came to mind was putting them in to a large box, put some milk in it, and the next morning i took them to a veterinary (maybe they would know what to do with them), but to my surprise no vet want them either, and there were no shelter or something like that, so i went to a veterinarian who opened at 9:00 am, (it was like 8:30 am when i was running around town vet-hunting) and i left them on their front door, it was not that cold and they were in the shade, but i did not know what happend to them. Every time I think of it I feel really bad, but i did not know what to do, really!!!.

I think now, I have become a slave to my cat in punishment for what I did to those poor things. And I will carry on with my sentence for as long as I have to.

I am really sorry and all i can do is think they got a great home, and their hunting mice, birds and maybe a small dog for fun. Really hope they are ok.

Please don't hate me, I did not know what a wonderfull thing having a cat is.
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I don't think anyone on this board would hate you for what you did.

Please don't be so hard on yourself. You did what you thought was the right thing to do at the time you did it. I for one am glad you didn't put them in a trash bag with rocks and throw it in a river. You gave the kittens the best fighting chance you could.

Bless you for having a conscience.
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You did the best you could considering someone dumped the cats on your doorstep to begin with.

Plus, now you'll just have to spend the rest of your life spoiling your cat! That's a good sentence!
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This type of situation happens all the time. It is very hard to find homes for cats and kittens because there are so many. That is why this board pushes so hard for EVERYONE to spay and neuter. If Everyone did, then this problem would be nonexistant. I turned down 6 orphaned kittens the other day.It tore my heart open to say no to these little ones, and it was not the fact that they would need around the clock care, why I said no, but it is the fact with 20 cats right now, I am maxed out. There are several newcomers (ferals) that are here, and the sad reality of it is when i do trap them, if I can't find an immediate home for them they will be euthanized. It is the only option left, because everyone I know either wants an older kitten or they are full up themselves. You do the best you can, and you did not ignore the kittens and placed them in the only place where you hoped they would get help.
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The worst part is that later, when i took my kitten to the vet for the first time and told her everything (except the part where i drop them off at a vets door, dont want her to think i am a kitten-drop-off-kinda-guy) she told me she could clean the kittens, fixed them up, and worst case cut the kittie's tail off (the one that had it damaged, even though she said it will affect his balance) for only 50 bucks, so i could keep them for a while and put a newspaper ad for them to get an owner.

Damn, if i only knew!!!!

And belive me, we are spoiling our cat as much as we can, and doing a pretty darn good job at it!!!
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You could always call the vet and ask. Tell them you've been feeling guilty and need some closure. If they're good people they'll tell you that they all found a home. A vet is one of the best places to take animals like that because vets are more prone to find a home than take them to a kill shelter.

You did well.
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It sounds like you did the best you could at the time. At least you didn't do nothing or as someone else said, stick them in a bag with rocks and throw them in the river. You tried to help them the best you could with what resources you had.
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