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Are you object-addicted???

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I have lots of stuff. I keep tonnes of old letters, empty boxes, candy wrappings, little stones I collect from each mountain I go to, little sticks I collect in woods, all kinds of things that I find it impossible to part with. Everyone thinks I am mad for collecting these but each little thing has a special memory related to it and I always know where each came from.
Often as I am walking and kicking a particular stone for a long time I suddenly feel that leaving it on the road will be a betreyal (sp?) as I've already made friends with it :LOL:
I have dried flowers in almost all books and clippings in my dictionaries. I'm a total and have started fearing that I am object-addicted.
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Don't worry! Even if you are addicted, it's not a bad thing! Lots of people are pack rats. My husband can't bear to throw anything away. On the other hand, I love to toss things in the trash or give things to charity. Clutter makes me nervous. So of course, when ever my husband loses something, he accuses me of throwing it away. Even once he finds it, he won't admit that he was wrong. Men!

Now I can tell you one thing I'm going to have a hard time not keeping - my kittens! They're too precious.

You're lucky to get to collect sticks and rocks from the mountains. I live in a big metroplex, and there's not much nature around here!
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I am somewhat obsessed with hanging on to seemingly worthless things, as well. When I was 18, my mother moved to Texas while I was at college (long story). She had cleaned out my entire room and thrown away everything she didn't deem of value. I guess that really was the beginning of my true pack rat ways. I'll say one thing, though, moving really helps you evaluate what junk you want to keep carting around with you. I threw out a lot when I moved a couple of months ago.
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I'm a pack rat about books. I buy them, read them quickly & then they accumulate. I don't like to get rid of them because what if I want to read them again?!?!? then what would I do?!?!?
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I like to keep old letters, the unfinished stories that I write, drawings. I believe is also a woman thing. I love music so I like to collect CDS and cassettes.
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I um...have some cat hair from my cat that passed away 3 years ago in my sewing box. I took it from him the day he died. Is that crazy?
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Billie; If being "Object Addicted" is a bad thing then a whole lot of us are BAD!!!

I was the same way you are about sticks and stones and sea shells and ribbons and wrappings, etc.; then, I started making collagues and frame art from the things I had collected. I have even made garden decorations and markers from old pots and pans and flatware. Try turning these little bits of TRASH into TREASURES! I have some ideas for lampshades and trays and so on that you can decopague with pictures from old greeting cards or gift paper, even old newspaper clippings. Just let me know and we can share the hows and wherefors, okay?

AP; as far as collecting books; I am guilty of that too. I hold on to most of them and have lon-g-g-g-g-g-g shelves full of books in the hallways.
When it comes right down to it; I never really go back to re-read most of them. I recently started giving them away to second-hand book stores and they issue me "credit" to use to get a book if they ever have anything I need or want. The one type of book I can't bear to part with are Art Books or books with beautiful photographs or re-productions in them or the "Coffee-Table Style books. In the future, when the internet surpasses publishing, my house will look like one of those from the movie "Farenheit 451" with secret rooms crammed to the rafters with books, books, books.
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Oh yes, I have OCD. Check out this thread for more on that:
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OK, I have stones sitting on my PC. I have a Jaws Shrine in my BR, a 5 tier shelf packed with stuff from the movie.

So, no, your OK. Your just as much a loon as the rest of us!!!! :-)
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crescendo - I do not think that is weird - just a nice tribute!

As for stuff and me - we do not get along....I am a throw-er-outer!
Anyone remember the George Carlin bit on 'stuff'?
It was hysterical!
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Billie!!!! I think I am addicted to almost anything that makes me happy...including this site!!!!!!!! I too know how you feel about leaving the rock alone, on the side of the path, feeling like a betrayel. I do the same thing with my rubdown rags at work....we have to use these rags, to rub down our parts that we is too difficult to explain right now, but I will carry around a tiny bit of rag, that has holes worn all the way through it, and people say, my gosh, get a new rag, for petes sakes!!! But I feel attached to the one I am using, and only replace it when it completely falls apart. How strange is THAT???
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Only as strange as having your whole day fall apart when you can't find your favorite pen! (guilty as charged).
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Deb....I know what you mean! I go totally ballistic...(sp)? If my pen is missing!!!! :laughing:
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As I went to the seaside last weeek my collection has grown even bigger :LOL:
TLK any suggestions will be greatly appreciated - I adore making things with my hands and I also paint quite good, well at least I used to :grin:
And as for books I can't even thing of throwing a book away or giving it out. I'm addicted to my books and have them in huge amounts at my place, my parents place and my apartment in my home town. Sometimes I really wish I could have them all here with me :sad:
And as for pens I can't even think of working without my very precious :laughing: pen!!!!
I also collect Eric's moustaches and nails in a special little box (OK I admit this is crazy but I just can't throw them away)
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I also used to collect stones, then couldn't remember where they came from, they'd just sit in a box in my closet.

3 weeks ago I bought a small fountain at a yard sale (another addiction) for $5.00...still in the box. Cagney and Lily adore it, won't even drink from their water dish anymore. The water in the fountain is colder, and it's easier than turning on the faucet every time they beckon to me for a drink.

Anyway, this past week-end we went camping, and I found several pretty stones to take home for "memories", when I got home I boiled them and put them in the fountain.

Not only are they pretty, but everytime I look at the fountain, I think of our trip and feel happy.

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Billie...I can totally understand keeping Eric's mustache clippings in a box...( I used to save little curls from all my haircuts, in seperate envelopes, when I was young)....but do you really keep his toe/finger nail clippings?
Don't get me wrong....I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that....I just have never done that myself, and wondered if you were serious or joking.
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Debby I know I'm funny but when I see them on the floor I just think well, they are a part of Eric and I don't want to throw them away.
I don't clip his nails, it's sort of a shell that peels off when he sharps his nails, it's very funny and is exactly the form of a nail
Now you know what I meant by object addicted he he he
Love you girl!
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I save the claw shells too. I have a collection of cat whiskers from 6 cats that was started by my Grandmother in the early 1980's. She stuck loose whiskers into this ugly orange velveteen cat doll. I need to start a new doll for Nell's and Grey's whiskers since the old one is so full.
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Where've you been dearest???
So glad to see you!!!!
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I've had a bad week. As soon as I wade through all the posts I've missed I'll start a thread about the past ten days. BTW, I urge everyone to try not to get 10 days behind like I did. When I did the new postings search, there were 245 threads (THREADS, not just posts) to look through. I've been here for over 5 hours, I think.
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Billie!!!!!!!! I feel like such a MORON!!!!!!!!
When I read your post...I forgot your CAT's name was Eric, and was wondering why in the heck you would keep your husbands toenail clippings in a box!!!!
I feel so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Don't feel stupid, I thought the same thing. I could almost picture her with his foot in her lap clipping away. :tounge2:

Moving does make you re-evaluate things. I've moved 19 times in the last 27 years. For 27 years I took with me evening gowns that I SWORE I would wear at sometime or another. Who the heck was I kidding??? The last formal I went to was my senior prom! I also kept my daughter's toys (she's now 25). Now all of my "stuff" is recent. The other crap I threw out. It's amazing the amount of "stuff" you accummulate over the years.
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Oh Debby you're so sweet
I almost fell off my chair laughing and mainly because I imagined myself collecting Alex's toe nails :LOL:
Thanks girl for making me laugh ona day like this!!!
Donna I also move quite often and throw things out but by the next time I move I've collected an even larger heap of souvenirs (sp?).
I'm a hopeless case really!
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Hee-Hee....well, I may feel stupid... but I am still glad I gave you a good laugh! I know I have days where I could really use a good laugh!
Luv ya!
And thanks for the e-mail card....although I didn't get to see computer wouldn't load it!
But it is the thought that counts...and THANKS!!!
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Oh Debby, it's a shame dearest - the card was so wonderful!!!
Well maybe it could work if you give it another try. You need to have Flash installed to see it but you can download it really quickly.
Love you girl!
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