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Oh No! The Trips are in KittyJail!

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Mike is so wonderful! The Trips got out last evening and we thought we plugged all the remodeling holes too! So Mike threw together this makeshift barrier to keep the kits in the bedroom, and upstairs where there are no escape holes. He is right now building a decent door that we can latch from 2x4's and chicken wire....and they are not happy to not be underfoot!
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Oh no! How are you going to keep them down on the farm when they've seen the bright city lights? (Or in this case, when they have seen the new addition).
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Gosh, I hope they don't have to stay in kitty jail for too long!

Good idea though!
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awww I bet they are thinking of a plan to escape and do some more exploring!
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Oh No! Hardened criminals. I am sure they are plotting their next escapade from behind the bars of prison.
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Oh Kiiimmm...I think we need three more mugshots.....
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This is a creative gang. BEWARE!!!!!
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I second that also!
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OK Sue...I couldn't resist....LMAO!

Really, I think that Mike is a DEAR for building that barrier. Now maybe you two can get some extra sleep at night and not have trips running happily over the top of your heads in the wee hours....

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LOL!!! That is tooo funny! I may just have to have the trips on my workstation for a bit!
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Kim thank you! They are now a part of my signature! LOL I have been completely customized by Kimbo!!! I can't tell you which trip is reaching for the cell key though- you have covered up their identifying marks! LMAO!
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Aww look at the little whovenille deliquints in your siggy!
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Awwwww! My fave Trips soo charming and adorable! love the 3 of them as kitty burglers, MA I can't see it in your siggy

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I know, I took them off and instead printed them on photo paper and they are on my monitor watching over me. I so love the Hissy that Kim designed for me, and I thought both of them together was a bit overkill for me- but they are right here keeping vigil and cute as can be!
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Oh! Good to hear MA they are still watching you!
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Can I have a copy of the triplets jail bird picture? If so, can you post it again so I can copy it? p l e a s e ! ! ! I'd love to use it as wallpaper!
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The trips are just cuties
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they look so innocent. are you sure they weren't framed?
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Well I would ask them, but they are in Solitary CONfinement.

Noddy is trying to escape, because Noddy is Naughty! LOL
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The little felons Cute!
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WTG little Noddy!!
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LOL!! Hey Maryanne, the Trips behavior is so funny... I think that they could have their own line of greeting cards.

Wouldn't that be a trip? LMAO!!

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Only if you designed them my friend, then we could call the line- Trippin with Kim!
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Awwwww...isn't kitty jail just the pits when you're a boisterous, active kitten?
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