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A thought for you all...

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Was sat just having a salad for dinner and talking with my better half about TCS and some of the subjects we get into. The subject matter varies from sensible - to downright hilarious and no one is more grateful to it than me.
However, it has given me food for thought.
If this was possible - why not take the health threads that have been produced, as well as some of the photos and tips, etc etc and throw in a sprinking of humor, a few recipies as well from around the world, add a stack of funny stories and get these turned into some form of paper back book.
This book could be produced I figure easy enough and then everything made on it, goes to chosen cat charities that deals with the abused animals etc?
Its a long shot I know, but it would be a thought to see some other people that do not have access to the www to be able to benefit from a cat book, written by cat lovers and at the same time, charities could benefit. If people chose, moreso in the USA as it seems thats where most of you are based.
It cannot be that hard to put together and I would be more than happy to help in any way that I could.
Its just an idea - however, even the longest journey starts with but a single step and an idea.
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I have had that same thought kev. Anne and I have even joked about it and said some of the stories that have come across here over the years, simply defy description! It would be a good thing to do and turn it into a Help and Care type of book instead of just pure entertainment value.
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I agree with you - however, the rule of thumb would have to be that certain charities benefit and get cats homes that they deserve - or is that just a pipe dream? Its just a case of compiling things and then placing it all into a format that is easily readable. I think that the stories would be great though, gives people something to smile about?
I have a long article in a flying magazine that is coming out from the USA that I wrote and am thrilled about this. I edit a newsletter for glider fliers as well so I would be more than happy to help.
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You could do the same with the humor threads and pictures themselves. I think that would sell well too.

I'd be willing to help too. I used to write for one company, here I only do editing, and I'm an English major too.
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That would be a good way to raise money for the Cat Welfare Society of Isreal!
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Kev, you may not know, but Anne is affiliated with The Cat Welfare Society of Israel. The CWSI has recently had to move, and is raising money (now) for new facilities. Their generator was stolen - it's a sad story, but they have really dedicated people.


Kev - if you've got the time, why don't you take that ball and run with it? That's the best way to get it started, and I think it is a FABULOUS idea! And I agree... there's a couple of books here! There's behavior & health, there's the caption this... even the feral colonies forum has probably at least a booklet in it!

I vote GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!
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