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I'm a little worried...(kind of gross)

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I was exercising last night and happened to see Rocket out of the corner of my eye acting very strange. So I picked him up and found something hanging out of his rear end. Not thinking I took a kitty bath wipe and slowly pulled it out. it ended up being about 6 inches long and it looked to me like a corn husk. But I wasn't sure so I had it in the toilet(again not thinking) and waited for my S/O to come home. well he wasn't sure what it was so I told him NOT to flush it until I could figure out something to put it in. well that didn't go over at all(or it went in one ear and out the other) long story short he flushed it. being the overly worried mom that I am, i watched him all thru the night and first thing this am I called the vet. I tried to explain what it looked like to me and they said that I didn't need to bring him in, just to watch him and make sure he's eating and drinking and basically being normal. Well so far he is but do you think my cat could've had a tapeworm? I've never seen one and this thing didn't move when got it into the toilet so I'm not sure and am still a little bit worried. Rocket weighs 10 pounds and on his last vet visit about a month ago, he was the same weight. Do you think I should collect some stool and have ti checked just in case? or do you think like the vet said, he should be fine as long as everything goes in and comes out normally?
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Sounds more like a roundworm and kitty needs a vet visit and some meds from your vets.
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Woah! Trippy I'm surprised your vet didnt say to bring kitty in for a worm check! ??
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well, it looked like a long string type of thing and recently we had fresh corn on the cob and the cats were going nuts about the husks but I didn't think they got into them.
I've seen round worms and it didn't look like that. the beginning part that I saw sticking out of his rear looked pretty much like a corn husk but I am not sure as the rest didn't look like one.
Do you think I should go and have them check him for worms?
I haven't seem any in the litter boxes at all and believe me I check for strange things like that.
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Hmm well if you did have corn husks laying around then maybe that's what it is!!

Can you check his butt periodically to see if anything is coming out? Dont worms usually crawl out of the butt...
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Luna had then when she first came to live with us and she puked them up. that was really NASTY! rocket seems to be doing fine. he did scoot along the carpet last night twice but he isn't doing that at all today. he is his normal sweet loving self.
I wouldn't even know where my cats would get worms from. they are indoors only and the only time they see the outdoors is on my enclosed porches through the screens. I know they don't have fleas cause I check them all the time because my friends cats have them and I'm afraid they will get them, but so far nothing.
oh yeah, those husks were in the garbage and they might have gotten them from there.(S/O isn't to bright sometimes(LOL!) and doesn't put them in the outside garbage.)
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