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New member with new kitty

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Hi all, I'm new here, and I'm hoping you can all help me figure out what color my new kitten would be considered to be. I adopted him through a rescue.

Shadow has an Abyssinian type build, very long and lithe for a kitten, and appears to be a tabby. I can't make out an "M" on his forehead, though, as his face is nearly all black, kind of like the mask on a Siamese and his nose is a dark, true black. His back, tail and legs are also black, with his sides being dark blue-gray with the tabby striping. His chest and belly are a lighter blue-gray, with the base of the hairs appearing to almost be white. He also has some cute silvery hairs between his toes.

His eyes are a deep, dark coppery color.

What color would he be considered? I've tried looking around the 'net, but I really haven't found anything that seems to fit. I'm trying to get my piece of junk digital camera to work so I can post a pic, but until then, I've tried to be as descriptive as I can.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Sunny and welcome-

If you could post a picture, that would be helpful. He almost sounds like a Mackeral Tabby, but is hard to say without a visual.
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I wouldn't have a clue - I pretty much only know a Domestic Short Hair when I see one, LOL!

I just wanted to pop in to say "hi" and welcome to The Cat Site!

Without a pic it's going to be pretty difficult to give you an answer - but there are a lot of people who would be able to help if you can get a pic up. Just head for the Cat Lounge and go for it!!!!

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welcome to the board!!! Enjoy your new kitten, they grow up so fast
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Thanks all, for the welcome. I tried taking a couple of pictures of him, and then discovered I don't have the right cable to connect my camera to the computer to download anything. GRRR!

Another question, though. I read somewhere that copper colored eyes are rare in non-purebred cats. Is there any truth to this, or is it another "old wives' tale"?

Also, is there such thing as a black tabby? I managed to catch the little dickens a bit ago and looked him over, and in a bright light I can sort of make out the "M" on his head, and he does have some speckly-stripes on his sides, as well as the banding on the legs, but he's so DARK compared to any pictures I've seen. I'll keep trying to get a picture of him - hopefully I can find that danged cable cord.

He's an active little bugger too. He's decided, much to my other cat's chagrin, that my tuxedo kitty Gabriel is his new best buddy. Gabie puts up with his shadow (hence the name) for awhile, then gets sick of being followed and finds something high to hide out on, LOL.

Anyway, thanks again for the welcomes!!

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Sunny - I can't help with the colour thing, but I am sure that if a pic is able to be downloaded someone here will be able to help. He sounds great!

Welcome to the site - I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do
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Tabby mix or a Siamese/Tabby mix. I have one DEFINITE aby mix. She has black on her undersides of her feet,she has tufted ears, an orangey/coppery/brown coat with the agouti pattern( aby ticking)and she has a classic tabby swirl pattern underlying the agouti ticking on her coat. She is beautiful and she has the sweet musical aby meow. I had a purebred aby for a very short time and my Blondie looked very much like her only with tabby markings.

My other cat Lily, has a greyer coat but still has the coppery/rust undercoat and the aby ticking on the hairs. She has a tabby pattern of stripes and spots. She has the tuxedo markings of a Long-Haired Main Coon (white bib, belly and feet) I call her my aby/tabby/tuxedo kitty.

Your cat could be any number of cominations. The give away to determine if she has abyssinian IN her, is the rusty/coppery color of the coat with the 4 bands of color on her coat giving it that "ticked" wild look.
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Hi- Welcome to the site.
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I read somewhere that copper colored eyes are rare in non-purebred cats.

I read on one web site that Copper colored eyes are common in Tortishells. I will try and find the site again and post it for you! it's all about torties and how you get that coloring and all that so it might not be to interesting to ya but I do recall it saying that Copper eyes are very common in Torties....only cause my tortie doesn't have them she's got green eyes or mustard yellow color depending on her mood.

anyway I will try and find that site for ya
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Hi and welcome to The Cat Site. I'm not much help as the the color questions, othen then I do think there is such a thing as a black tabby. But I look forward to hearing more about your new kitty.
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Welcome to the boards! I hope you can send pictures soon.
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let me guess your cat's color! It it tabby-point Show us picture!
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