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blood in urine

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My 2+ year old female Baby Girl has blood in her urin. I took her to the vet and he gave her a Polyflex injection (which I don't think she got all of cause she went phsyco about that time) and then gave me clavamox to give her. That's all he did then he told me to come back in 5 days if there was still blood and to switch her food. She has an appetite, is 7.6 pounds, and acting normal, but she is peeing frequently and I think drinking a little more than usual. The vet couldn't take her temp because she IS Crazy, he did feel her abdomen, but real quick. Isn't this more seriouse than a quick examination and some antibiotics? Has anyone had a cat with blood in thier urine, and if so what did it turn out to be?
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I would take her for a second opinion to another VET !!
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I agree with Hell06, pls take her to another vet and get another opinion ASAP. There could be many things that are causing blood in urine...Infection? Diabetes- I think with diabetes, u tend to drink more often and pee more? Keep us posted..

Hope everything's ok with ur cat!
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I agree...get a second opinion. Your vet needs to get a sterile urine sample if they can, check for crystals, as well as if there is still blood. Your kitty is VERY young for kidney failure, but just to mention it..increased water intake and increased urination also can go along with chronic kidney failure (and crf kitties are prone to bladder infections).

That said, I would vote for an infection and perhaps crystals - depending on what kind of crystals (struvite, oxalite and triple phosphate are the kinds I know of) will affect the choice of diet to put your kitty on.

But first...you must get the cause of the blood properly diagnosed and cleared up,
please keep us posted?
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Yes, I would make another vet trip to another vet. I'm not saying that it is a horrible vet, and to never go ther again, but just keep in mind, a gut feeling is normaly right. You were right to be suspicious. If it was me, then I would go to that vet for flea sdtuff only. If you cat gets really sick, then have a back up vet ready. I'm not sure what it is, but a vet trip is in order.
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Thank you for your replys. I'm taking her in this morning to my old vet who's 30 miles away. I trust them and they are relativly inexpensive. I am sooo broke right now having just payed for a semester of college, but my babies will come first! Does anybody know how the vet or whoever would go about getting a sterile urine sample? Can it even be done on a cat who tends to freak out when touched anywhere near her rear end??!!
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Originally posted by fsttrk
Does anybody know how the vet or whoever would go about getting a sterile urine sample? Can it even be done on a cat who tends to freak out when touched anywhere near her rear end??!!
Hi, getting a sterile urine sample is done in a procedure called cystocentesis, where a needle is inserted through the skin, directly into the bladder, and urine withdrawn. It sounds horrible, but I've never seen Patrick upset afterwards, nor been able to tell where they inserted the needle. However...I don't know how they'd do one if your kitty gets this upset.

Glad you have a vet you know and trust to go consult...best wishes,
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Thanks for all of your posts! I went to my old vet and he did a thorough exam of her. She had absolutly NO urine in her bladder because she had been going so often. I was able to catch some pee from her at home and brought it in. He took one look at it and told me it was definitly a UTI. He looked under the microscope and gave me a pill form of clavamox and octin???? for cramps. Does anyone know what exactly octin is?? Anyway she is all better now and on a different diet.
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Hi there.
You might find some of the info in these threads useful.
I've just had two cats through UTI so i know what you're going through...

Good luck...
P.S. Cranberry extract is working quite well with my kitties


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