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I maybe in trouble???

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..... with my wife ....I have been in an hour from shopping and am supposed to be sat with my feet up. Well its a nice day and I figured I would have five minutes outside in the garden. For some reason, I am stood on the side walk looking at some weeds, so i go and get my hot air gun - like a hair dryer and point it at the weeds and they are disintergrating nicely.
Over walks my son with a sheet of paper all nicely folded and I am stood there burning weeds away, when I see this black car racing up the street way too quick. I have a child and that speed was not safe as if our son ran out, he would not have a chance. As I had black jeans on and a white shirt, I pointed the hot air gun at the car as it came near and immediately, it slowed down as it went past me.
I have done this three more times so far from the comfort of my garden gate and I guess, all the drivers think its a speed trap and have backed right off.
Its great fun and all I can do is laugh.
My wife Carol, however,has gone ballistic with me!
Dont think I will ever grow up!!!
Thinking about using a hair dryer next time - the drivers have no idea that I am burning weeds and I am not impersonating an officer from my garden gate as am on my own property.
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omg.. My uncle, he used to drive a white chevy caprice classic which were the police cars in his area. Well everyone thought he was an unmarked car to begin with and slowed down when he was driving. So one day, he took my cousin, parked on the side of the road, and pointed a hairdryer at passing cars.. My cousin (who was like 10) thought it was soo funny
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Too funny!
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See - I would probably be there with you and my hubby would be the angry one! Just tell her that you are a free spirit.
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LOL--they wouldn't slow down if they weren't guilty!!!!!
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don't feel bad!!! you were doing it to save your son!!

Annabelle, I'm one of those people that slow down!!! Until I see it's someone else.
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That's a great idea! I'll have to try that one myself someday!
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Tell her you're doing it for the safety of your son! I mean - that is part of the reason you're doing it anyway, right? How could she get mad at that?

(BTW - I think that's great! Got a wonderful chuckle. Thanks! )
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that is just too funny what a clever mind you have there
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You have got the funniest ideas
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Kev, that's WICKED!!!!!!

The police can get a bit arsey about things like that tho - so I'd not do it too often incase they catch ya (no sense of humour you see . . .)
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Only here in CA, home of the crazies.
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LOL!!! I almost ramn over a cop who jumped in front with his radar, I was rushing my hubby to the hospital for something, anyway, this cop literally jumps from behind the bushes into the street with his radar pointed at me!!! I almost hit him!!! Later on after going over it in my head, he didn't put on the ticket how fast I was going, and cops here, its required of them to be seen, they can't be hidden from view, he and his partner, had a good scam, this road goes up and there is a house that is at a corner lot, the driveway merges unto the road (so this house is behind you but all this time I never knew there was a house till I pulled over), they were sitting on the driveway behind the bushes on their motorcycles, they are pretty famous for their schemes on campus.
And with the sun in your face you can't see anything anyway which is what they were counting on. Sneaky :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:s!
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