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Is quick reply going to be an option?
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I hope Quick Reply will be.
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I have to say that I have been looking at the design now for about 2 days and at first I didn't like it, but it has grown on me. It is, as Deb said easier to see where you have been in the threads, and I like the fact that there is less clutter at the top as well. It is easy to see the other sections as nothing is really blending into my eye and looking the same. Paws up from me on this color scheme- it keeps me alert at all times.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone! It's really helpful! Ginger, I really do need to fix the top buttons so they are either all capiltalized or all are not. I think I might tone down the maroon reds on all the buttons as well.

Quick reply will be an option as soon as Vbulletin 3 is released. Sorry, but they don't even know about our redesign unless some VB manager is a lurker here They are saying though that VB 3 will either be the next version after this one or the one after the next.

Deb - I was thinking the same thing about the smilies

Actually, what I need to sort out is how to present the sponsorship ads at the top of each forum page. I'm working on finding some clever way to seperate the forums so we can have unique sponsors for each forum. If this works the right way, then we might just be able to have that as well as several styles of the forums for users to choose from. That way you can each choose whether you want to view the forums as orange, greens or blues Again, this will only work if I get the hack thing sorted out - otherwise I will have to use the styles feature to get the different ads displayed properly.

The launch for the new design is September 1 - it could be a few days later than that. If all goes well, we should have the new cat pages ready by then as well so we really will have a total makeover for the site.
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I love it! Four thumbs up from me.
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