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cat snapping at the air.

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This is from a friend of mine. Any advice appreciated as the vet is stumped...

My cat, Alfredo, is snapping at the air, racing around, and frantically licking himself in various places. 4 weeks ago another cat bit him fiercely at the base of his tail. I was wondering if this is a deep healing itch. Or is it my poltergeist? About 14 years ago I was going through a terrible time and one of my cats starting doing this. I took her to vets to no avail. After a couple months it just stopped. Has anyone had experience with this? I took him to the vet for an overview and gave him an injection of ketoprophan (pain killer). It didn’t do much. The vet is stumped. He shivered a lot while he was there and was totally miserable.
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You could try posting this on the behavior site.
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stephenq I moved this for you, I also cross posted this on another board I frequent when I am stumped as to behavior or health issues. Here is their take on what you had to offer:

Possibilities: seizure activity (as a result of exposure to toxin, organ failure, viral infection)....flea allergy dermatitis or insect bite (spider, scorpion, tick, rule out snakebite as well)....hyperesthesia (usually idiopathic and mild, this case might fit, but a quick neurological exam might rule this out) ...pain, as in, caused by bite wound, internal injury or any other internal health illness.

Have the owner try to videotape the episodes, take to vet for review and opt for a full neurological exam (rule out toxins with serum kidney profile, examine closely the tail area for abcesses, deep punctures, and opt for x-rays to rule out internal illness--organ disfunction, bone problems, etc)

The board is frequented by vet techs, students and even a retired vet or two, plus a ton of cat rescuers. Traci who owns the board, gave this opinion and from my past dealings with her, I have to tell you she is always right on the mark.

I also deleted your second posting on this that was here in the behavior forum so as to keep all answers in one spot
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Many thanks to you and all the others who gave their opinions. I will forward all the info to the owner. Many thanks again!
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stephen just let us know the outcome. I had a kitty who had feline hyperesthesia and she was over medicated by the vets and died. If this turns out to be hyperesthesia tell your friend to talk to the vet about monitoring medications cautiously.

Best of luck to your friend
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OMG! How sad!
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