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When I was living with my parents in NY my indoor only cat suddenly became an indoor/outdoor cat because no one but me seemed to remember to keep him inside. Sadly he went missing and was found dead under one of my neighbor's trees a few weeks later. As heartbroken as I was God truly did open a window for me. The same family that had found my Shadow were raising a family of kittens who's mother had been injured and couldn't care for them. We were able to bring all 5 of them to our house to play with and by the end of the day I decided to keep 2 and my older sister went home with one! The loss of Shadow provided 3 cats with new loving families.

This is the first photo I took of PawPaw (the one on the left) and her brother Jordan.

When I moved from NY to TX I left these two in the care of my parents because after a year together my family was much too in love with them to part with them, even for me.



A little over 2 years after adopting them, the kittens we had such a tough time telling apart are so incredibly different in size. Jordan is now a 14 pound beefcake and PawPaw is a petite 6 pounder.

Unfortunately my family did not get PawPaw and Jordan spayed/neutered in time and Chloe and Gracie were the result:

(PawPaw is the top Gray and White kitty...although it's amazing how much little Gracie looks just like her).

When I moved to TX I was determined to get any colored cat except gray and white because I didn't want to replace PawPaw and Jordan. I wanted a new kitty that was completely different. But of course I fell in love with a brother/sister pair at the Austin SPCA and Cali and Chase came home with us a few days later...

(Cali's doing the licking).
The minute I spotted Chase I was in love and I've been smitten ever since.

(As smug and adorable as ever).

Gray kitties...there is no cure!
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Justplainheidi - Love your pics. Your kitties are beautiful!

You should post this one in the Caption This Contest :

The look on his face, LOL!!!

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JustPlainHeidi , you ccats are so pretty , the gray one is just gorgeous
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Oh my grayness overload
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Thanks for the compliments! I'm sure Chase will love to hear that you think he's so beautiful (although that may inflate his ego a bit too much)! It's funny, although he's a DSH, whenever my boyfriend translates Chase's thoughts for me, he uses a silly Russian accent and makes quite pompous comments. I guess Chase truly is a male diva!!

I'll definitely have to submit his pic to the contest. There are plenty more where that came from. He is the most smug looking, squinty eyed, camera ham that I've ever met! I'm enamored hehe

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They are all so adorable. And Chase does look like a charmer. Do submit the pic for the caption contest.

Never enough greyness overload.
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Chase & Cali are beautiful Heidi!
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I already posted this picture in another thread, but I think this gorgeous little baby deserves to be in here. She's the first gray kitty I've had, and though I won't be keeping her for much longer (she's a part of an abandoned litter + mother) she has a little piece of my heart.

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Great grey kitty pics everyone!

Here are Dakota and Sage climbing on our cat tree. This is absolutely their favorite toy in the house.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
Sage could be Nakita's twin in this picture!!! Very cute.

Here's Nakita when she was approx. 5 months old:

Here's an updated pic:

Oh how adorable Nakita is! She does look like Sage's twin — I bet she's a lot sweeter than Sage, and not nearly as bratty!

(Sorry it took me so long to find this thread. It used to be in the Lounge )
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Here's another Sage pic. . .coming down from her squished-ant-rolling high

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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
I love all these grey kitties! I wish I could have a hundred cats.
I'll second that!!
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Parent's cat Miss Gray

My Lizbeth Ann

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Ooh! Ooh! Here's a picture of my sister's gray British Shorthair, Sebastian, sleeping by my niece, Mackenzie. He is SUCH a gorgeous cat!!! He has golden eyes! Very striking!

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I made my own grey kitty thread! Cool! Anyhow, here is some of Princess, my greycolored baby girl.

Princess as a baby:

Princess with Adraine, my best friend:

What do you think?

Orei's jealous, please don't be angry if I add just one of him.

Sorry about the huge images...
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Thanks for reviving the grey cat thread too! Chris, Lizbeth looks soooo cute and cuddly!

Here's very first cat
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Wendy - I think your McKenzie and the cat look kind of similiar in that photo

Lisa - your kitten was beautiful! Are there still Sash pictures out there or have they always been on your site?
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Thanks Chris Yes, I still have plenty of pictures of Sash, thank god!
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Oh boy oh boy, finally a place to show off my boys...

My big boy Gandalf...

Here he is again...

And testing out the new bedding, just last night...

And Samwise...

A Sleepy Samwise

Helping with the laundry

And being his handsome self.
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Here is the newest member of our family we 'brought in' from the cold. She kind of reminds of of our RB Angel Sphinx.

Her nickname for now is Baby and she's about 4 months old now. She's a gray and black DMH, though she could be a DLH.

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grey cats remind me alot of black cats in the way they look so silky & shiny - great photos everyone
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Here' Trouble

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Aww I love this thread, you guys have beautiful grey kitties.
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They are all beautiful
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My little grey baby.......

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