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Grey cat Picture thread

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Post your pics of your lovely grey cats here!

Here's Mo, one of the kittens I fostered

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Here's Little Grey, a kitten that I fostered. However I've heard that her name has now been changed to Ela.

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This is Dottie, short for Dorothy (as in Wizard of Oz.) Dottie was found during a horrendous rain storm. She was about 6 weeks old.

Dottie is 16 years old, and a big grouch.
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Here's my little gray boy, Rocko....

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Here's Polly, our polydactyl boy.
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Awwww - I love gray kitties - these pics are wonderful!!

Hey Sue - Do you have a pic of your poly that shows his toes? I bet that is cute! I love poly kitties....(hey maybe I should start a poly thread?) LOL!

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Here is BK (Bad Kitty) he is 16 months old. My son brought him home when he was 8 weeks old. He is a coon mix and this picture was taken right after his grooming. His hair has been cut to 1 inch on his body. This cat keeps us laughing everyday we just love him
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This is Noah, he is so sweet! He is 4 months old.
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This is Griffin, he is a ball of fire! He is 7 months old now. It's like he is a 2 year old, gets into everything and gets away with everything!
He is the best kitty! This was taken the day I took him to be neutered, it was the longest day and night for me, he had to stay overnight and I worried about him so much. He is so funny and does the funniest things!
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Aw..... these grey kitties are SOOOO cute!!!! I always wanted a soft all grey kitty... MAYBE with white paws. Though Rocko's bib is really cute. !!! BUT.... I wouldn't swap any one of our gang, not for a million dollars (or even more). Maybe one day a grey kitty that needs help will wander into our lives...
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here is Squirrel meeting Newton the screen saving kitty
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Mom of 10- what a smile that Polly has

Here's my Russian Blue baby Sage. . .she is 12 and is quite the princess:

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I have one more gray kitty, this is Saudi, he is 13 years old and we got him when we lived in Germany in 1992.
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This is Legolas, he's gray and white (I hope that counts). He's only 8 weeks old in this photo. It was taken the day after we brought him home from the shelter. He is a character! LOL

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I am in with this thread!!!! I cant believe I missed it earlier.

I have entirely too many pics to try to pick out the best ones
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btw maui your russian blue is GORGEOUS!
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I think they're all gorgeous. I do love grey kitties!!! We fostered one for a while. She was part of a litter here when we first began trapping the cats around here... She was a teeny-weeny thing (we named her Munchkin), and Tuxedo attacked her at feeding (while they were both still outside kitties). I mean - he went after her. (It's part of why we thought Tuxedo would never make a pet. My the things we learn!)

Anyway - she needed some stitches, and she had some problems with her stomach due to a birth defect... but we got her patched up, brought her inside, and she healed up just fine. She was such a playful little thing... she just wasn't photogenic. She almost always looks mean in the pics, and she just wasn't.

The people who adopted her renamed her "Annie" - and she is spoiled rotten. I mean - a specially designed gold break-away collar, etc. We still get updates on Munchkin - I mean Annie - and she is really loved.

She's got a lot of white in her... but I think she's got enough grey to qualify for this thread.
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Here he is all dressed up for his Valentine last year
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I don't see a pic except in your siggy!
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All your grey kitties are beautiful!!
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Sterling again...

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Sage is soo beautiful! I love her coat and her eyes!
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here are my Russian Blue boys:



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I love all these grey kitties! I wish I could have a hundred cats.
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Here's a link to my 17 year old grey Sphinx.

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Hey!!! Sphinx looks familiar
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Wow I just love all these kitties.

I have a grey kitty called "Loonie"
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Sicycat- yes he does. *waves hello*
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How are ya
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