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I am not in favor of breeding any animals, for the fact that
there are so many who are homeless, abused, and unwanted. I noticed
someone replied to my post, and said they were a breeder. Im sorry,
but ill never support a breeder, encourage it, or want anything to do
with it. You can go to your local Human Society and adopt a loving animal, there are sooo many cats who will be euthanized because noone wants them. Have you ever seen an animal, (cat), put down? Its horriable. These are healthy animals who are put to sleep because noone wants them. Ive seen a healthy cat, and dog put down for those reasons. Please spay and Neuter your pets, you will be doing a lot of good. Im not with PETA, or any organization. I just think there are too many animals in shelters who would love to come home with you. I dont want to offend anyone, but thats how I feel, and how it should be, especially if your a cat lover!
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I agree with you to a point. How are we to keep Pure breeds if we don't breed them. All cats need love and homes True. but what if all the animals in the world were spayed and nuetered? then say about 17 years from now we would have no more. we would be causeing a species to become exstinked. We just need to try and come up with a better plan then trying to kill an entire species,because some people are to irresponable to care for the ones they have.
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While I would personally never purchase a cat from a breeder I don't see anything wrong with a responsible breeder. Like WillowsMom said the pure bred cats would no longer exist if it weren't for breeders, they would be nothing more than a picture in a book. I'm not saying that a purebred is better, because my cats are mixed breeds and I think they are just as wonderful as any purebred. But some breeds of purebreds have been in exsitance for long periods of time. While yes occasionally purebred cats do pop up in shelters, how many do you actually see compared the the amount of domestic cats? Not very many. As long as a breeder is responsible, and doesn't breed many litters a year and finds good homes for all their pets I see nothing wrong with it.
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It just adds to the millions of unwanted animals, its all for
the almighty dollar!! Not about the real care of the cat, its all money, a true cat lover loves all cats, not a specific breed. By the spelling in the post, I thought a kid was wrighting back!
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The responsible breeders that I've met actually lose money and if by chance they do profit it's not by very much.
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[i]By the spelling in the post, I thought a kid was wrighting back! [/b]

Not a child.......I am a 25 year old women. My spelling might not be the best but at least I voice my opinon and get it across without insulting someone.
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GOOD breeders, breed for the love of the breed. They don't do it to make money or make more cats. If there were no breeders we would lose all the wonderful breeds that are out there. I personally think that there should be laws to how many litter a breeder can do per year but that is my opion. Alot of breeder donate money to the aspca and other places to help homeless cats. ALL of my cats are rescues, but I would someday love to have a british shorthair.

People need to read up before they speak. There is a differance between a good breeder and a back yard breeder. Do you want to see all the breeds disappear? No more ragdolls, siamese, or any other breed? I love all cats, I love the normal ones the most, but I like to see a "perfect" show cat too.
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Originally posted by coochycat
It just adds to the millions of unwanted animals, its all for
the almighty dollar!! Not about the real care of the cat, its all money, a true cat lover loves all cats, not a specific breed. By the spelling in the post, I thought a kid was wrighting back!
This is a very rude post. I hope to be lucky enough to breed cats one day and I can assure you I would be doing it for the love of the breed not money! Vets are very expensive and raising kittens are expensive. Good breeders but ALOT of hard work and money into there cats. Most breeders goals are to help perfect the breed not to make money.
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"By the spelling in the post, I thought a kid was wrighting back!"

he he, i hope that poster was being sarcastic with their spelling, otherwise it would seem they can't spell either!

God on you Willows mum, i totally agree with you. People should breed for their love for a particular type of cat. I for one thank the responsible breeders out there who gave me my persian babies. I now can't see myself without a Persian ever.
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Here on the site, we have a lot of different cat owners, cat breeders, rescuers and the like. We have even had cat haters land here and one was converted by our very own webmistress.

It is good to have opinions and convictions, but to say that all cat breeders are not doing a good thing, is being very ill-informed. Many of the ethical breeders do what they do to keep the very breed alive, only breeding for the best traits, etc.. It is the backyard breeders that give the real breeders bad names. Good breeders only plan for a few litters a year, and most have a waiting list for their kittens so the kittens are guaranteed a good home.

Coming here in a flaming manner is not putting your point across very well, and you posted this in a forum where people come and routinely welcome you. I am moving this to IMO (In My Opinion) and I just ask that you, and anyone else who responds after this, keep your claws sheathed.
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All of my pets are mixed-breed former strays or adopted from shelters. Yes, there are far too many homeless pets in this world, and it is indeed a tragedy. Personally, I would not purchase a purebred animal - I am always finding strays that are in more urgent need.

However, I do not believe that responsible breeding should be abolished. Good responsible breeders produce healthy, loving, well-socialized pets of a consistent physical standard and character. Good breeders usually do not make a profit from their animals - the cost of proper care & showing them eats up any potential profit. My mom used to breed & show English Bulldogs - they often won Best In Show titles and the puppies sold for a good sum of money, but the expense involved in caring for her beloved dogs was enormous. Good breeders carefully screen the people who purchase their animals, and go out of their way to educate the public about pet care. Our local purebred rescues are run by responsible breeders, rescuing purebreds who were abandoned or abused.

Backyard breeders and puppy and kitten mills, however, are another story, and I would be delighted to see them all shut down.
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I was going to just pass this by and not get into it,but I can't! I breed Siamese.I am not a backyard breeder,I know where each and everyone of my past litter's are and how they are.I also have a litter of 7 day old right now,and all are going to people who have been on my waiting list for a year.If everyone fixed their cats the Siamese would be wiped out. And what about Raydoll's,russian Blues,and evey other pure breed's!Is that what you want? And what about pure breed dogs? you want to wipe out all of those wonderful breed's? And yes I resurce non pure breed cats,I just got 4 of them for my son and his kids.And I do not make any money selling my kittens.Do not judge people you know nothing about.
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Originally posted by sherral46
Do not judge people you know nothing about.
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I have no problem with responsible breeders. Personally, I have loved every mixed breed cat, that I've ever had and I've never had any other kind.

I look for purrsonalities over pedigrees but, as long as someone is going to take good care of a purebred and not have as a "status symbol", I say go for it.
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I dont want to sound mean, I just dont like breeding of any kind
because of the unwanted animal population, theres too many, but ill be
there for the ones who are not pretty enough , or fancy enough, all the nonbreeds, im a true cat lover, I love them all, all cats are the same...They all have whiskers, they all meow, cats are here to be cats, no award winning toys. Ive rescued so many cats, so many animals, the sick, the three legged, in this day and age, theres too many unwanted! But I'll never apologize for the way I feel, and I dont have too.
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That is your opinion and you are of course entitled to it. I would just suggest that you be a little softer on the delivery next time, and perhaps do some research about ethical breeders before you judge all of them and say they are doing the wrong thing, simply because you do not agree with it.
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No one has asked you to appologize for what you believe in, only for being rude. Every one here believes that cats should be spayed and neutered to prevent overpopulation.

Did you know that most ethical breeders will only breed a queen until she is 4 or 5 then she is spayed and either pampered or given to a good home. I know of one breeder who places her "retired" cats with folks that have recently lost a beloved kitty. They go free of charge too.

There are too many unethical breeder who have their queens deliver 3-4 times a year and sell the kittens off at 6-8 weeks. I think this is barberic and not a way to run a cattery. I believe that there should be a law to insure the protection of cats in a cattery.

Yes, I breed cats. I haven't made a profit as every dime goes back to my kitties. I have my kittens micro-chipped and all their shots up to date before placing them into their new homes. There is an extensive contract that calls for spay and neutering of the kitties before they are a year old.

I understand your anger about animals losing their lives just because someone was too cheap to just fix their cat. We know the suffering many cats have faced due to neglect or cruelty. Please don't judge everyone by generalities. Get to know the individual before deciding they are "wrong" or not.
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Responsible breeding is good breeding. I have heard many stories of people caging up their purebreds, mating them and then selling the kittens. Most of the time the kittens are so sick they die. Responsible breeders are another story! There are many breeders that breed out of love. They don't breed to make money, they breed because they want to keep a certain cat from going extinct! If we spayed/neutered all the cats in the world, once they died, we'd have none left. It is NOT breeders that make the unwanted kittens, it's people that have domestics and don't fix them!

Breeders will sell you a cat as a pet, which means they will be spayed/neutered. They make them much cheaper so people will buy a purebred as a pet, not to breed. Like for instance, say there's a female Siamese kitten up for grabs. They want $250.00 as a pet and $500.00 to breed it. Yes, it true. There are MANY unwanted kittens and cats living in shelters, but aren't more than half of them domestics? It's very rare that you will find a purebred cat in your local SPCA.

I want to be a breeder one day! I would love to breed Maine Coons and Pixie-Bobs. The profits would go towards food, vet care, supplies etc. I wouldn't use the money to buy myself a new car or something else I've always dreamed of. I am owned by 3 cats, 2 are fixed and one is going in on Thursday. I try to educate people about the advantages of spaying/neutering. You cannot tell a breeder to stop breeding their cats just because your against it. Everyone has their own opinion, and mine is clearly stated.

The best way to help with pet overpopulation is to ask everyone you know to please spay or neuter their cats. Catch the strays around your house and do the trap, neuter and release. Donate to your local shelters to help pay for spaying/neutering. Just don't be against breeders, they do what they do because they love cats. They want to keep breeds alive. If we fixed all of the Siamese cats in this world, we would never see them again. They would all die, you can't bring a natural breed back, it's impossible!
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WOW , is it hot in here ???? I do have all kind of cats , mix breeds , pure breed and normal housecats . I do love them all . All cats are pretty no matter how they look like . Today I just adapted me a Torties from the shelter , I will get her next week after she is spayed and I can't wait to bring her home . Her name is Jezzabel and about 1 year old . And by the way : I am on of those who cant spell right . Oh well , maybe in some time I will Also it look's like I am geting a Calico Himmie from one of the breeder here . I sure don't have a problem geting a pure breed cat . I am for BREEDING PURE BREED . As I said I love them all
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I am more against breeding than for it, but only because of the whole mess people have made out of cats. And I'm not talking about breeders, I'm talking about people who don't spay/neuter and don't care. I just think the population needs to be reduced.. I understand that you need to preserve the breed, but it just bothers me for some reason. It's like saying one cat is better than another because it's this, and then people pass up on perfectly adoptable cats that are just as cute, just as friendly, and in much greater need just because of a status symbol. No offense to anyone, I know you all love your cats or you wouldn't be here.. But it irks me that someone says something like "Oh, that's your cat?? Mine's pure bred" as tho I can't afford it, which I can, but I would rather save a life than get a made to order kitty. And seriously, no offense. I wish there were no unwanted kitties anywhere and I had to get on a 5 yr waiting list at a breeder to get a new cat.. That would be a beautiful world
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I'm against mill breeding, as we all are, I assume. I'm for spaying and neutering ALL cats with the SMALL exception of the pure of breed and free genetic illnesses. If ONLY the highest of quality cats are allowed to breed in repitable (sp? ) catteries, and no other, the over population of cats would be a thing of the past.

I'm all for a 5 year waiting list for all house pets. Be they cat, dog, bird, or reptile, as this would give new owners time to be educated on the pet of thier choice, and thouroughly (sp? )screened. If I wait 5 years to get some thing the last thing I'm going to do is let it run the streets, or wind up in a shelter.

I will be in a shelter long before any of my pets are. (Ask my wife.)
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Where I work, we get the cat show people, and none of them are
ever friendly, they throw their show cats around in cages like cargo,
I always ask them the same questions, I get the same answers, most of
them dont call them pets, they want to win, win, win. Thats all they ever talk about. They are left in hotel rooms in their little crates their whole stay! These are purbreeds! Ive been at the same job 16years, every year its the same old thing. I really dont think people are educated enough to understand whats really going on. I have thousands of friends on line who are also against breeding, of any animal! Noone knows what really goes on behind doors. Ice man, I truley believe you are aginst breeding, but on this site everyone agrees with each other, noone speaks out. That makes us individuals, I will never agree to breeding, just for the breeds sake! Silly.
Anyways, thanks for all your opinions, and all your beautiful cat pictures, but im sure there is a site that only supports adoption and rescue, and thats what im looking for! God Bless the cats who ar stuffed in cages expecting to breed, God Bless the cats who die during breeding, God Bless the cats who are out wondering the streets looking for a handout, and God Bless the breeders, who add to the problems.
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Originally posted by coochycat
Ice man, I truley believe you are aginst breeding, but on this site everyone agrees with each other, noone speaks out. That makes us individuals, I will never agree to breeding, just for the breeds sake! Silly.
I'm sorry you misunderstood me. I'm am not against breeding. I am a breeder. My wife and I are very careful to make sure our breeding program is NOT contributing to the problem. I am against mills and breeders with poor or no standards. I also HATE the people who show cats for the ribbons and winning and not for the love of the breed. We have found that SOME show people have attitude problems and treet thier cats as property. We distence ourselves from them.

Please do not say we agree. We do not. You made a broad generalization, and labled ALL breeders the same. I do not. I do not pre-judge any group on the basis of a few outstandingly poor examples. I only hope this is the only case that you pre-judge people. Here in the USA and in most other countries represented on this site prejudous is seen in a poor light.
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Well Coochy,

I still stand on the fact that if you stop breeding all animals that within 18 years aprox. we would be without any. Why should people who love a certain breed be forced to sit and watch the entire breed die out. Good luck finding a site that would like to see all animals DIE. Because only a true animal hater would wish something like that to happen.
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Originally posted by coochycat
, I truley believe you are aginst breeding, but on this site everyone agrees with each other, noone speaks out. That makes us individuals, I will never agree to breeding, just for the breeds sake! Silly.
I have a total of 10 FERALS and 2 shelter cats that I care for. Don't tell me I just agree with people about how to feel about cats! Alot of people on this board do alot more for cats then you would ever know. You are not the biggest cat lover in the world just because you think breeding is a bad thing.

When you are laying on the ground getting bitten by bugs trying to get a wild cat to come over to you because there is a tick or it is sick then talk to me about loving cats.

When your husband risks his life to save a kitten that is stuck on a warehouse shelf, then talk to me about loving cats.

When you are at the vets office crying your eyes out because someone dumped a cat and it is going into liver failure and you can save it. then talk to me about loving cats

When you have three kittens die in your arms while you are trying to feed them because there mom is too sick....then talk to me about loving cats

When you have to force feed a cat you just ment because she is too sick to eat herself then talk to me about loving cats.

When you have to take a beautiful pregnant cat to the vet to be spayed because there are just to many kittens...then talk to me about loving cats

And I have only been rescueing cats for a few monthes!!!!!!!!
Talk to me about what you have done to save cats. Explain to me why you think you are so speical that breeders should listen to you and stop breeding?

I love cats, I love all the colors and breeds they come in. I respect the breeders for there hard work.

Some people save shelter cats, some people breed purebreeds and make sure they get good homes, and some people work with ferals.

My speicalty is working with ferals, but I never think any less of breeders or people that resque cats from shelters. We are all different kinds of people trying to make the world a better place for cats. What harm is a breeder doing if they limit the amount of number of kittens they are producing and then have the offspring fixed???? the problem is people that don't trap that stray in the backyard that keeps having kittens, and people that don't get there cats fixed.
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I think you will find that this is a very diverse board, with diverse opinions, the common denominator being our love for our animals.

Especially in this forum, there are plenty of posts with differing veiwpoints. The only thing that we ask of our members is that they treat each other with respect, even when they don't agree.

We have a tight knit group here, and our members don't take kindly to people hitting them over the head or implying that they are ignorant, or sheep. Perhaps we have just gotten off on the wrong foot here. There is no reason to be aggressive with anyone here. This is a friendly group of people who will respond to different opinions if they are treated respectfully.
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It is interesting to note that you have landed here less than 2 weeks ago, and yet you feel you "know" this community enough to make such broad generalizations as we "all agree with each other and no one speaks out." If we all agreed with each other, we would scarcely take the time to meet here every day to talk and chat and learn and taste different cultures. We have members here from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and from all over. Our own beloved webmistress is from Israel, how diverse is that? If we all agreed with each other, there would be no dissention here or in the world either. Wouldn't that be nice!

I would venture to say that your hotel/motel job has jaded you on the subject of breeders and that is unfortunate. I used to show my horses professionally, and I didn't like what I saw, so I quit showing. But do I slam the people who show their horses or breed their show horses? No, I do not, it just isn't my cup of tea. You say you are not PETA but you have the same narrow viewpoint that PETA sometimes represents. Perhaps you should seek out their organization after all?
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heck, we don't even agree with each other, we just respect each others opinions because this is a public forum. We all love cats and that's why we're here, and if we have different ideas of what's right and what's wrong why should that make us belittle each other? In this world people are different, everyone's different, but if we go around criticizing others because they don't agree with our beliefs, that's very closed minded. We can state our opinions without being condescending or mean, and then in turn people will show the same respect back.
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I came to this site to be educated on my cats. There are lots of people from different cultures like Hissy says, and they all help me to learn about my cats - I don't know if mine are purebreed or not, but I love them anyway.
I have nothing against breeders as long as they are not kitten or puppy mills, and as long as it is done out of love. I also believe in rescuing cats as well.
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