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house is haunted

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Was asleep around 2.30 this morning when I woke to a scurrying sound. I was in pain anyway, so I needed some painkillers. I immediately think about a burglar and gurded up my loins and limped my way downstairs. I get into the lounge - nothing, into the kitchen - nothing there at all. OK, maybe its me and my brain is still sleepy. I got the tablets and went back up stairs. Pretty much as soon as I got laid down and my wife asked if I was ok, the scurying started again and to such an extent, I was concerned. The noise was coming from below - so back down again. A further search of the house proved fruitless, looked outside, checked the car - that was fine, gates were closed - back to bed.
Well everytime I put a light on the scurrying stopped and everytime it went off - it started. I could not figure it and as usual, my wife goes back to sleep.
scurry sound - light on - it stops - light off - it starts.

I am not the sort that believes in hauntings - however, I could not get the thought out of my head.

Suddenly, the scratching sound gets very strong and I flicked on my bedside light- get groans from My wife, remember we have a pine bed and shoot my head under bed.


There was Brandy, hanging inverted from the bottm of the matress and he had found a new game that involved crawling upside down and racing with his back along the floor, claws into the material.

He jumped I swear out of his skin.

Me, well I have a feeling I may be on tablets for a lot longer now, possibly heart ones after that.

The house is not haunted - I swear its my cat that is possessed!!

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That's like the first time Toes hid under the head of my bed and fell asleep. Around 1am I could hear this weird little rumble--turns out it was Toes snoring.
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omgosh LOL!
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My Grayski does that,frecked me out the frist time he did it!
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Too funny! It sounds like there's never a dull moment at your house Kev!!!
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LMAO Kev be careful of the spooky kitty
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Maybe he was chasing the ghost and you are giving him a false rap! Poor kitty - startled from his game. Don't you know that his games come before your sleep? That is what Merlin tells me anyway!
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LMAO!!! My favorite line is "I immediately think about a burglar and gurded up my loins and limped my way downstairs"!!!! So sorry!!! For my laughing. Take care of yourself and let your cat do the chasing
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