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Hello everyone. I have two cats - one Grey male (Approximately 17 years old) and one Calico Van pattern female (approximately 8-12 years old). Both are rescues from a local shelter last year.

This is a great site.

Here's a link to both cats. Hope it works.


Thanks for listening.
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Hello and welcome!

Your links didn't work for me, but if you have a cat-related website, you are welcome to list it on our sister site- www.meowhoo.com if you would like to!

Welcome to the boards, and I look forward to actually seeing your cats, especially your calico!
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Welcome! I'm new too. Your links weren't working, but I'll check back in later. Looking forward to seeing your cats!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Welcome to TCS! Your links weren't working for me either... but I'm sure they're darn cute. What cat isn't, LOL? We love 'em all here.

Hope you have fun finding your way around here!
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Thanks everyone.

Links were working yesterday.

I'll try again.


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The second ones work! Pretty kitties
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i couldnt see your kitties but im sure they are cuties, welcome to the site, your gonna love it here
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Welcome! I just tried your links and couldn't get them to work. Maybe later.
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Ugh. I'll try again. If this doesn't work I'll try attaching a photo but I really am unsure on how to do that.

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I was able to get to your 2nd and last links fine. Thanks for sharing!

They are just adorable, I just cracked up at Kuce on the toilet.

Don't worry, I'm new too, and just had a doozy of a time linking pictures, just take a look at my intro thread
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Welcome aboard
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