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My Oldest Sister's First Cat

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About two months ago, my sister, (age 33) got her first cat for her two boys. She used to be quite alergic to them when she was younger, but it's not as bad now, and she can't imagine living without one now. I'm so happy for my sister. They all love her so much. Her name is Silver. She was lost for almost a month, but they found her again. When they came to visit a couple of weeks ago, they brought Silver along. She was so nice to us. She let us pet her and she meowed for attention when she needed it. She's still a bit skinny in these pictures, as a result of being lost, but she's gaining the weight back and she probably looks even healthier by now.
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Picture 2:
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Picture 3:
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Picture 4:
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Wow she's really pretty

How did she get lost? Poor baby! What a miricle to find her after a month. You must tell that story!
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What a little sweetie! I love her markings.
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Yeah, I like the story and wish I could remember it better. For many years, my two nephews wanted a pet. When visiting here, they always enjoyed petting and playing with my youngest sister's cat, Jess. (She got Jess after all her other siblings had moved out.) Just under three months ago, they decided to try getting a cat anyway. I'm not sure if they got her from The Humane Society, but a day before her appointment to get fixed, Silver unexpectedly got out of the house when my sister's husband left an outside door a touch open when he was interrupted by something. At that point, they only had her for about a month.

She was lost for nearly a month and although my youngest nephew had seen her once, they had almost given up hope. Then my sister thought she saw a glimpse of Silver while here and her husband were driving out of the neighbourhood to run some errands. She wasn't sure, but she got him to stop and they tried getting close to her without scaring her off. They called her name a few times, but Silver wasn't sure. It looked like she was going to run away. However, they managed to get close enough and my sister was able to pick her up without frightening her. When they got her home, Silver did a quick check of the house and then remembered to go downstairs to find her food dish. She ate like there was no tomorrow.
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she looks beautiful...
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She is so pretty! Her colors are really clear and she's got such flare in her poses!

It feels really good to find a lost cat again after a month. I lucked out and had that happen too. Only Silver looks much nicer than Duffy was.
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That is a gorgeous cat! And I'm not just saying that!
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