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Got more kitty pictures

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Eeee! Less than two weeks before I get my precious baby boy, and I'm so excited! He sure is getting big.
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Oh Chirtine he is soo sweet!!!
It must have escaped me - have you named him already?
He's precious!!! Give him a big from me!!
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He is absolutely beautiful! Keep the pictures coming
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Crescendo; He is growing so fast!! I want you to come on the Site and tell us what it feels like the VERY FIRST TIME you hold him and kiss him and "all that CAT LOVE stuff"!!!

I, for one, will be so Happy for you!

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8 days till I bring him home! Billie, I was going to call him Hobbit, but my dog comes to anything with and "it" at the end so I had to come up with a new name. Caycee thought of Rowan, and that's probably going to be his name unless he really doesn't like it. Since Rowan is a type of tree his show name (Even though he's not a show cat) will be like Tairedd Branching Out or something. I think Barbara (the breeder) has been calling him Blue...or at least that's what she calls him when she writes me...I will be sure to tell you all the details of our trip when I go to get him *l* :-)
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I am SURE you will know the "right name" the minute you see his precious, furry face!!!! Irreguardless of wat you call him, or register him under; he will be your BABY BOY YOUR JOY YOUR PERFECT FUR FACE THE 4-LEGGED LOVE of YOUR LIFE of your that purrs
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He is so beautifull! What a gorgeous face.
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He is gorgeous, I love his eyes.
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Me my sister and my mom have done some thinking about names again, and I think that I have one that sticks...maybe this third one will be the last. I really like it. So...Angus and I thanks you for the nice complements about him.
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Crescendo; So, ANGUS, is to be "Your Little Scotish Darling"!!!!! :pinky:
(since we have no Kilted Smilie a hula skirt will have to substitute)
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He looks like an Angus!
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Angus is a wonderful name!!! I love it!! And what a beautiful baby he is!!!!!! I am happy for you!!!!
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A wonderful name and suits him too!!!!
He sure seems capable of stealing one's heart and I'm convinced he has already stolen yours!
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Angus is a cutie!

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