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This Boy is Growing!

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Duffy is now 12 weeks old. He's so full of P&V! His weight is up to 5 pounds, so now he can use the litter-robot! Woo-Hoo! He's pooping with the big cats now! Friday he goes for his 12 week vacs, then September 4 for neutering and 16 week vacs.

He's as big as Penny, and learning to throw his weight around. He's started growling while he eats. It's so cute. He and Penny will share the plate for about 30 seconds before he growls at her. When he goes back to eating, Penny nips at his ear as if to say, "Take that!" Then she backs off and waits for him to finish! I guess I need to start feeding on seperate plates, but would prefer them to share.

He wakes me up every morning about 4:15, by licking the tip of my nose! I have to hide my head under the covers so he'll leave me alone. Last night he hogged the pillow.

He's beginning to understand the outdoors. He lays as flat as he can while he looks out the screen -- especially when there are birds at the feeder. He's a chirper and tail thumper!

He really digs the cat jungle we made. He sleeps on it all the time. I tied a bell on a shoelace and hung it from one of the perches. He loves that bell!

Kitten's -- ya gotta luv 'em

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Where's the pictures?! We want Pictures!
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Yeah, pics!!!! I want to see what you built and see your mini-tiger!!
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Thank you! That's much better! I'm a very visual person ya know!
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What a cute pic! You should send that one to Anne for the Caption Forum!
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It's hard to tell in the pics how much he's grown. He's got big feet! He's got long legs. And he has the pinkest ears! His ears are almost see-through. I have to be careful of letting him lay in the sunshine too long. i don't want his ears to get sun-burned.
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He's a little ham. He loves the camera. I never get a bad picture of him. I'm in love with this kitten!
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Absolutely adorable!!! I love the jungle!!! Two paws up!!
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The jungle is well used now. Duffy climbs that tall post like nothing. He's gotten really fast at climbing it.

The jungle isn't quite complete in that pic. The bare 2x4's are now wrapped with carpet. That jungle has saved my furniture!
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That jungle IS great! Didn't they just sort of sit and stare at it at first?
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They didn't do anything with it at first. i expected the little ones to be all over it like white on rice. It took a couple of days, but now they are on it almost constant. As you can tell, it's in a prime spot in the center of the house. They can see out the front door, the dining room door, and the living room door and never have to move. They can also see the laundry room, the kitchen, the basement stairs, and the hallway to the bedrooms.

The elders don't pay any attention to the jungle whatsoever. They don't even look at it when they walk past it. I guess hanging from perches is for the youngsters.
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