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Cat Acne?

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My male cat has frequent acne under his chin. What causes this? And is there a cure?
Any help would be appreciated.
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What I have found is that it is caused by an allergen. It could be food,plastic bowl,laundry soap or even dust. Washing it with a warm soapy cloth helps. Of course if you can get some chlorhexadine shampoo from a vet and use it instead it keeps it at bay longer. If it gets severe and creates open sores, antibiotics are usually needed.
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Thank You for the fast response. We do have a lot of different kinds of pollens here in CA. and a lot of dust. This sounds like this is probably the problem.
Thanks Again!
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You can also use anti-bacterial wipes (Lever 2000) on his chin. I have two cats with kitty acne. Casey has it real bad which I think is due from stress. I do use the wipes on both of them as well as the chlorhexidine shampoo on a damp wash cloth. It seems to keep it from itching so they don't scratch it raw.
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Abys are prone to it. I use Stridex pads to keep it under control It comes from plastic dishes, too oily dry food, etc. I now use paper plates to feed and their water is a metal bowl. I still use a flea comb to keep it under control. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for all your replies. I do use a plastic water bowl, and also both my cats eat oily dry cat food.
I knew I came to the right place for an answer.
I also know that it seems like people who own cats are very friendly and helpful.
Thanks To You All!
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It's our pleasure to help anyone we can. Glad we can help. I'm addicted to this site and love it. I'm either here or on my greyhound board (I'm also a representative for a retired racing greyhound adoption group). My husband has learned that the animals come first and then my computer friends and then him.

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Our cat has the same problem; however, we have used antibiotics for quite a while until our vet asked about our food bowls. We use plastic, but we wash them with hot soapy water. He told us to change to stainless steel, and we did. That did it!
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A House Is Not A Home Without A Cat!
I bought a stainless steel food and water bowl.
I also applied Blistex to his chin. It has now cleared up, looks like this is the answer.
Thanks Again!
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