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Talk about a rude awaking

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Last night I had to close my store and therefore I didn't get home until after 11:30. I instantly headed straight for bed since I had to be back bright and early at 8 this morning. Well, at 4:30 this morning my Mom woke me up crying. I was so out of it...I couldn't understand a word she was saying. Finally I figured it out...she told me to shut off my window Air Conditioner. I couldn't figure out why the world she'd be telling me to shut it off at 4:30 in the morning! She's bawling her eyes out and I finally got her calmed down. Then she showed me what was wrong. Our ceiling in the Livingroom (about a foot away from where my bed is at upstairs) has fallen through! Luckily, no one got hurt and it only damaged a few knicknacks in the Livingroom. But we've got a nice hole in our ceiling! Apparently my A/C has been leaking water and it's been going through the wall and into the floor. Obviously it must have been doing this for quite a while with out us knowing it. It's a mess! We'll be calling the insurance company tomorrow and sending them here to look at it. I'm sure the entire ceiling is ruined and possibly the wall. Our carpet needs replaced anyway, but it did make it worse than before. I've taken a couple of pictures of the hole (it actually isn't a hole...the plaster is gone and it's not very stable). Of all the places that it had to fall through on...It just had to be right above my Mother's favorite Angel knicknack. She bawled even more when she seen that it was broken. I'm hoping that I can superglue it back together for her.

Just had to share this with you guys! I hope tonight I'll sleep better...but I WON'T be sleeping upstairs! Thank God for an extra bedroom!

Pic of the "hole":

Pic of Mom's favorite Indian Angel:

Another of the ceiling:
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So sorry Shell!!! I feel bad for you and your mother who loved the figurine. I hope the insurance covers it and pays for replacing the AC.
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all of our ceilings caved in when we had a tornado, that sucks!
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thank God no one was hurt. the angel can probuly (sp) be fixed.
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Thanks Guys. I hope that it's all covered by the insurance. It's going to be a lot of work fixing it especially if all the boards are ruined. What a headache! But at least no one was hurt...everything else can be replaced or fixed.
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Shell, interview the construction folks carefully before hiring anyone. Make sure to get references and call them! Your insurance company may insist you work with certain ones, or find your own. That looks like it's going to be quite the repair job; especially if the sub-flooring is effected, which it probably is. Also make sure it gets properly dried out before allowing anyone to seal things off permanently. Don't want to chance getting mold or mildew up there.

I feel for ya gal, I really do.
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Wow Shell, that really does suck! Sorry.
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Thanks Guys! Mom said in all the years of being married to my Dad (31 years to be exact), they've only had to use their Home Owners Insurance once. I'm not sure if the insurance company wants us to use a specific company, but I'll definitely have my parents screen them close.

Thanks again!
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