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Two of my Dogs had a fight

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I have 3 Dogs (beside my cats)they are all rescue . 2 of them had a fight today , again . I have to keep them seperate from each other . One is a hmmmm supose some kind of breed and the other is a Bosten Terrier . Well Klondike hate Toby (BostenT.) . So Toby is a insite dog and Klondike and outsite dog . In the night Klondike sleeps in the carport where he has a nice sleep area for him self . How ever , today we had a bad thounder storm and I was outside talking to him in the carport and my outsite cats to keep them all calm . So after that I open the door to get in and Klondike jump in and atact Toby , Toby had not a change to even see him . Toby is blind on one eye ,was abused .Still on the chain biting on his ear and upper hat . Some how we (hubby) trag the dogs in the kitchen and spray them with cold water .Finaly Klondike let go . No need to say I was shook up for 1 our .Klondike is ok , but Toby has some bite marks and is bleeding a little . For right now I gave Toby 1 Baby Asperin for the pain and will wait till tomorrow how it looks , unless he will do bad in the night . Tomorrow if he look ok I may just give the Vet a call . How ever , would there any thing els for me to do for Toby ? Any body ???
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Just clean his wounds good so he doesn't get an infection.
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Thank's mzjazz2u
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No Problem! I hope he's ok.
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I know you asked about taking care of the wound but the wound is a smaller problem. it's the constant fighting that you need to be concerned about. So maybe if you can tell some of these things I might beable to help you figure out why they are fighting and maybe come up with ways you can get them to stop.

Are they both male? female? it's really common for 2 males to fight like that to figure out the alpha male. Where does the other dog attach the other one at? anywhere he can get or does he concetrate on one spot? i.e. neck. I ask all these questions because those kind of things can tell me or someone who knows dog behavior why they are doing it. prime example........I owned a German Shepard and a yellow lab.......My shepard wouldn't allow my Lab to get close to me......ever time my lab atempted to do so.....my shepard would Growl and the hairs(Hackles) on her back would stand up......She was gaurding me from the lab.....she didn't think the lab belonged in my "pack". Now it is also common for 2 females to fight for Alpha Female role in the family......as long as they aren't Spayed. if all animals are spayed and nuetured then the whole gender thing is thrown out. and it all lays somewhere else...attacking is caused by certains "drives" that a dog has.....useally a dog on dog fight is caused by one fo 2 reasons.....one they are trying to figure out who is the lead dog for the family...when this happens there useally isn't much damage done to the other/loser dog. two.....one dog is not good enough in the other dogs eyes to be apart of the pack. so he's going to do what he can to scare him off which can even come down to killing the other dog if he is stuborn enough.

and that leads me to the reason for my responding to this post. If you don't figure out why this is happening and try and correct it, you might end up with a very hurt maybe even dead dog one day. And I have seen this happen before.

Please feel free to Email me if you have any questions! ONly because I know you are sitting there reading this thinking....who is this person and how do I know all this stuff is true! if you want to know more Email me or just post again and I will let you in on my past and my history

Hope your poor puppy is doing ok!!!!

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