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cat behavior

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My daughter has 2 cats, one male and one female both fixed. Both have been constant companions for 2 years, very good friends almost unseperable, she took the female to the vet to have some teeth pulled it was gone half of a day, upon returning it was not frindly with the male having just had 12 teeth pulled. Now 10 days later the male fights with her when ever they come into contact with each other. They have retreated to one in the bed room and one under the table. They cannot come into each other sight as a real fight occurs.
My mistake both cats are female.
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It happens all the time! The medication and stress have changed the scent of the female. I would rub one cat with a towel and then rub the other cat with the same towel and then back to the first again. This will blend their scent. Place a drop of vanilla under their noses and at the base of their tails. This will make them smell alike. Seperate them for a day or two and introduce them slowly for a few minutes at a time.

Good luck.
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Welcome to the site!! I noticed u're from Utah!! I grew up in Utah (in Sandy) and it's a great place to live! As u might notice, I reside in Maryland (since '97) but all of my family are still in Utah so I visit them at least 1-2 times per year.

Anyway, that's common about cats not taking to each other after being to the vet. As DragonLady said, the cats' smell has changed and the other cat probably smelled the vet smell on her and associates her with the vet and as u know most cats don't like going to the vet! Dragonlady have given some great advice so pls do follow what she has suggested.

It will take time for them to get along. Be patient. If they fight again after being separated for a while as Dragonlady suggested, throw a towel at them and that should stop the fight right there.

Several times, when I brought a cat home from the vet, the other 3 cats would hiss at him/her and swat several times but after I would rub a towel on all 4 of them, they would settle down cuz all 4 has the same smell! LOL.

It must be quite painful to have 12 teeth pulled! Poor thing!! I'm sure she is getting great care and lots of attention from u and ur daughter though.
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