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They cloned a horse in Italy,it is 9 months old and it took them 900 trys to get it born. I do not belive in cloning,IMO it goes aganist nature.
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I don't know what benifit we can get from cloning... Although I would clone Frankie in a minute so he could grow up strong and healthy. *sigh* I really miss him.
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I don't believe in cloning humans or animals. But we do clone DNA for the purpose of discovery. Our focus is colon cancer, huntington's and a few other neurological diseases.

Where cloning could be very useful in the future is in the area of cloning human tissue. Not a human but maybe lifesaving organs. Would certainly solve the shortage of organ donations. So while I'm staunchly opposed to cloning humans and animals, I do see the good that can come from limited types of cloning!

Thanks for listening!
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I agree, limited cloning, such as for needed organs, would be a blessing. If we could clone healthy pancreases, diabetes would become a thing of the past. If we could clone healthy kidneys, the same would be true for dialysis. Liver cloning would save many lives. Bowel cloning could eliminate the need for permanent colostomies.

That being said, I think that cloning of living beings, whether sheep, horses, cats or humans, is wrong, and anyone who attempts it should be shunned by the scientific community until such practices are outlawed.
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I don't belive in cloning . But cloning a kidney ....hmmmm
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According to this article the foal was the only one of 17 implanted embryos to survive.

The article on doesn't mention it, but the horse they used is a Haflinger.
Don't get me wrong, I'm very fond of my Haflinger, but I do NOT need a copy of her. One Marah is enough to last me a lifetime

I never gave cloning much thought. To me it is just one of many medical achievements people need to get used to.
Especially developments regarding human reproduction have always been controversial at first, and some still are.
Like, Artificial Insemination, IVF and abortion to name few.

Just because a technique is available doesn't mean you have to use it.
But if it isn't available, you don't have a choice at all.
I always like the idea of being able to chose.

As for cloning, I think I must reconsider:
The race is now on to produce copies of show horses. Many are castrated and cannot breed naturally. "The quality of the sport would be upgraded," says Galli. "It would be like putting ten Ronaldos against ten Beckhams."
Ten "Winning the World Championships is like sex" Ronaldos? TEN "SpiceBoy" Beckhams?? OMG!!!
Please NO
I want to start a STOP CLONING NOW group
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i kinda like the idea of cloning.
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A mini me? I don't think so.

I don't like the idea of cloning performance horses (race and show) as that will defeat the purpose of competetion.
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I think cloning for medical research is okay.

However I wouldn't want double the trouble with cloned cats around!
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Cloning alone does not result in an exact duplicate of looks nor personality as they discovered in the kitty they clones. It's coloration was different than it's donor mom and personality is environmentally dependent. Too many variables for my taste - you just don't know what you are getting.

However I would be a strong advocate for organ cloning. This would safe so many people and stop the illegal organ selling market.
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Organ cloning would be an unbelievable asset to the human race. Imagine how our life spans would be lenghtened if we could simply replace damaged/worn out organs...The end to so many diseases... Lung cancer? New lung...Heart disease? New heart...

Oh, the possibilities are endless for that kind of technology.

I once saw a show on The Discovery Channel where they were pumping all sorts of money into a study to figure out whether or not chimps have individual fingerprints like humans do. We don't have a cure for cancer, but at least we'll know all about chimps fingerprints How stupid...

Put the money where it belongs, and support things like organ cloning. Its about time we start taking some of the millions spent each year on useless scientific studies and apply it to this type of research.
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Short and sweet again.... I do not believe in it at all.
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AND...What do they do with these cloned race horses who are sterile and can't be used for breeding, when they are no good at racing anymore. They will do JUST like they do with the Grayhound racing dogs when they can't chase the rabbit anymore - KILL them!
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Oh, and by the way, I wasn't finished, sorry. On the subject of cloning organs to prolong life many, many years. What the heck would we do with all those people!!! This earth doesn't feed and water everyone as it is!!! And......which people do we consider for this longevity - the educated, valuable people? The gorgeous movie stars? Just the Nobel Prize winners? Do we really care to prolong lives that are evil, useless, amoral, immoral, cruel, filthy, and I could go on and on here. It would be far more catastrophic than it ALREADY is to prolong life, because the scum of the earth would never be erased. Which brings me back to a Sodom and Gomorrah solution!
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Well, since everyones idea of 'evil, useless, amoral, immoral, cruel,and filthy' are different there wouldn't be much of a way to decide who lives and who dies. Therein lies the major flaw of the whole theory.

But, having watched one of my very close, and very much loved relatives die slow painful death of lung cancer, and another uncle in the beginning stages , I can tell you that I'd give anything to have seen them get new, healthy lungs. I bet my husband would say the same of his mom, who died of the same thing when he was just 17.

Can you honestly say that if you discovered tomorrow that you needed a new lung, liver, pancreas, etc. or you were going to die a slow, painful death that you would refuse one that was cloned for your use?
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Interesting subject with a lot of interesting views. Cloning of organs and/ or whole humans will be a time consuming, very expensive process for the forseeable future; so guess who'll be using it? You got it, the rich and powerful and the military. There are scientists working on it now, be sure of that.

BTW, MULES are a cross-breed between a donkey and a horse and are born sterile. Agriculture is full of cross-bred plants which can't reproduce themselves.
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Well, even with cloning, many scientists believe that humans have a finite lifespan. A LOT of manipulation would be required to make humans live over 200 years. I recently read an interesting book "Merchants of Immortality", exactly about this subject. One of the scientists interviewed had a very interesting point (paraphrasing)-even if we can extend cellular life, molecules, proteins and other compounds just simply wear down and degrade over time. The same will happen with the components of our bodies.

With that being said, I think therapeutic cloning (for organs, etc) is a wonderful field that must be persued. Just think, no more transmission of HIV, Hepatitis, CMV, EBV in transplants or blood products. No more immune rejection of grafts and organs. I study the outcome of bone marrow transplants, and the side effects of the immune response to a graft are horrible, and one of the main causes of death among transplant recipients. Personally, I'd like to see this become history.
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Who would't want to see their loved ones helped. Who wouldn't want to save little children and let them have a chance at a full life. But, the mainstream population will not be privy to this, only the ones with the money. And, worrisome, I think, is the possibility of whole armies of cloned brainless fighting soldiers overrunning the countries chosen to be exterminated. Wouldn't have to worry about losing them as they are only clones. I don't think it would be easy to just ask for and receive a life-saving organ for your loved one.
I also wonder if the clone would have feelings! I really wonder bout that.............
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