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Moving a cat

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OK, I've been trying to decide if this is a health or behavior question, but since it affects her health I'll ask it hear. I had pretty much planned on not even looking to move until my cat passed away (she's 17 with CRF), but someone at work knows of a person who might have a nice appartment for rent. My question is would do it & what how much do you think a move might affect her health?
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It really depends on the personality of your cat. If she's easily stressed, or shy it could lower her immune system and cause problems. If she's outgoing and relaxed, if you make the transition as smooth as possible, it should be fine.
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A 17 year old cat, is getting up there, but as Sandie said, it depends upon your cat. You don't know how long your cat will be with you. If you knew for certain that it wouldn't be long (kidney failure or some other fatal problem) then maybe you could ask your friend to put it on hold. That you want it, but if they could just wait for a while. Since you don't know when she will pass, then your friend might not be willing to wait. This is a big decision, but if your cat goes with the flow, then I'd say go for it.
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