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How do you keep dogs out of the litterbox?

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Those of you who have dogs may have experience with this...My dogs think that cat poop is just the most delicious snack ever! Any ideas to keep them out of the litterboxes?
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I am sure there are more ways, but we at one time had sliding closets, and kept them in there with the door just cracked enough for the cats to get in. Now, we have them in compartments (large wooden boxes), that my husband built. They have holes big enough for the cats to get in, and the other side has doors that open so that we can get into them and clean.
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That is a really good idea. I don't have any experience with this, but the specially made boxes sound like a really good idea. It is sad that there aren't any out on the market.
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Thanks for the ideas! They know they're not supposed to sneak into the box, but they just can't resist when I'm not looking.

We'll probably try building a box...if it doesn't happen after a while I may buy one. Thanks for the links!
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we keep out boxes in closets. My friend has her in the basement and made a kitty door that the doggie can't fit through
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Our kitty's is in the bathroom. He comes and gets us when he needs to get in. This slows the labrador down. But she knows how to open doors. I would use a gate across the door, but the door frame is too small for all the available gates. So we are letting the kitty tell us when he needs the litter box.
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I know I take the risk of sounding like I am advertising for this company, but, really...this is my very favorite product that I have ever purchased for my cats!


It keeps the dogs out of the litter boxes, and it gives the cats an escape from the dogs. I have posted a picture of it over on "Fur Pictures Only".

Cindy W.
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That's a nice idea, thanks!

We might use one of those for the hall closet, and maybe get or build a couple of those boxes to hold the other 2 litterboxes.
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My dad made this for me, just out of a piece of plywood. We put duct tape around the edges so they weren't rough. It's not much to look at, but it does the job and keeps the dog out.

(I spilled the litter when I went to re-fill it this morning. It's amazing how fast she's been able to track it around. I have to find my dad's ShopVac tonight... I think those big pails of litter weigh more than I do! ) Oh, and hanging around the litterbox are the clothes we don't wear, lol. Make for great excuses. "But mum, I can't wear that fancy dress! It's near the poop box!"

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