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Kitty Cuisine

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Lily is a feline garbage disposal!

I swear she'll eat anything she can get her paws on!

There have been only a few things she had no interest in, and has seldom turned down a treat when offered.

Oh who am I trying to kid here...she steals food off my plate...and isn't shy about it, just WHOOSH it's gone!

Her favorite "steals" so far seem to be chicken, chinese food (especially bbq'd pork), hash browns, and lettuce with Ceasar dressing!

What are some of the strangest things your cats like for treats (given freely or stolen off an unguarded plate)?

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Cleo would you believe my Eric is mad about olives, gummi bears and sauerkraut :LOL:
Cats are really crazy!! A friend of mine has a cat who eats cucumber peels
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I can't get my Muffy to take a piece of human food no matter how hard I try. She's just not interested in anything that's not cat food. I guess I should be thankful, but sometimes when she's being so sweet, I'd like to be able to give her something special. Oh well. Better for her I guess. I love your stories though!
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Eric's crazy about ice cream, chips and fruit flavoured yogurt!!!
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My cat Molly will eat anything. You can't leave any food unattended. She actually turns into Pyscho cat when "People" food is around. She growls and steals the food right off of your plate. She once stole a whole pork chop and I had to chase her around the house to get it.

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:LOL: Molly sounds just like Lily...except at only 4lb's she hasn't tried to snag a whole porkchop yet!:LOL:
And Muffy is like interest in people food, although she will eat chicken if it's not seasoned...she won't even drink milk!

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I once gave Jake a couple of slices shredded beef.
The slices were big and I thought the meat was big enough for him to take his time with. I turned my back and continue cooking and when I saw Jake sniffing around for more, I was shocked to discover he had eaten the meat in seconds. The minute I open the refrigerator, Jake is there, looking to see whats there. He likes pasta. He loves macaroni and cheese. And this cat loves cheese!!!.
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I'm a vegetarian and my cat loves any "veggie meat"-chic nuggets, sandwich slices, soy cheese-you name it. The odd thing is that he won't eat real meat (if it's people food) but I pull out the veggie meat and he is literally all over it!
Both my kitties also love baked goodies, especially muffins!
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My niece, Ezmarelda, will eat ANYTHING: I mean, I have personally witnesses the following food items scarfed up by her: Italian/Pasta, Chinese, French fries, Chips and dip, cookies, triskits, any cereal, sirloin steak, potatoes, seafood, chicken, cheese, etc. The list is endless. This tiny little cat should be as big as a house by now. See, when she was a wee lil' kitten, she refused catfood, so she was lured into catfood while I was at her house by mixing italian with it. And ever since, she will NOT eat cat food unless you trick her with people food first.
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My cat "Baby" just adores Deli ham (any kind/flavor) when she hears the rattle of the plastic coming out the see a little black blur..and she is plastered to your leg/feet begging for a morsel or she will just die....meowwwwwwww please mommmy now ham..or I will starve!!!!
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Lets see.........
My poor old kitty Snowball (no longer with me) used to love dry cheerios - one for me and one for him.......over and over again.
Boots eats anything nailed down! From soup to nuts! (we call her the food pirrahna (sp))
Baby - loves shrimp and more shrimpand forget about turkey - he gets more than we do!
Lumpy nibbles only slightly at 'people food' - tiny tiny bits and then only one at a time.
Little Red - lets see - any meat but she first has to knock it down off her table she sits on when we eat.
Noodles.......nothing except her diet chow - well maybe a nibble on one of my toes once in a while!
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Michaela loves vanilla ice cream. Ricky (bless his soul) loved anything set before him: He was an indoor/outdoor cat and a good hunter. I've been very strict, insofar as my feline buddies have been fed quality cat-food; but one must bend the rules now and then!

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Gizmo will eat just about anything you give him. Just last night I was making some chicken salad (the Swanson's in a can), and I turned my back for not more than a second, and he was up on the counter with his head in the bowl!! He stole a big chunk of it! :tounge2:

Cinnamon and Fluffy used to like the fruit flavored yogurt, but I haven't bought it in a while

All of the cats like deli meats (ham, chicken, turkey). I have heard ham is bad? Is that true? Even when I do get a sub w/ ham, it is usually a very tiny piece.
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When Satey was a kitten he would eat iceburg lettuce!

Now he won't even touch anything but dry cat food, not even wet cat food! He does like a little bit of beef jerky now and then. He can hear me eating it across the house I swear, and he'll come running. But I don't think I will give it to him anymore, after reading about onions (most beef jerky uses onion powder as an ingreient) although he never eats much anyway.
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I once knew a cat who loved raw vegetables. I mean he would tuck into tomatos, cucambers, pepper and even onions. And if given the chance he could eat 4-5 whole vegetables just like that...
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My 13 outside babies will eat ANYTHING!!!! They sit on the window ledge and wait for the leftovers every night....even though they are well fed with their cat food, they love the leftovers!!! No matter what they are!!! They have eaten fried potatoes, peas, cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, corn....etc....and of course they LOVE the ham, roast beef, chicken, pork,,,etc....they live for their leftovers!!! indoor/outdoor baby.....will only eat food if it is given to him in the house. He refuses to eat the catfood I put outside for the other cats, in their dish...and even when he is outside and I throw tempting morsels like ham or chicken or beef(which he would snatch in a second inside the house), onto the porch, he refuses to eat it... he sits back and looks at the other cats who are madly scrambling for it, like they are pathetic.
I think in his mind he is thinking...." I will not eat ANYTHING, no matter how delicious it looks, that is thrown onto the ground...what do you think I animal????" LOL
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:LOL: :LOL: Debby:LOL: :LOL:

I had a cat that was the same way, I'd toss a treat on the floor, she'd sniff it, then walk away.
I'd then go pick up the same morsel, place it in her dish, and she'd gobble it right up!
But Heaven Forbid I should expect her to eat off the FLOOR!

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Oh my gosh, Satey is the same way, except he would rather take it from my hand!
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My baby Bod (my first and fattest cat!) loves Peshwari Naan bread!! (I hope I've spelt that right! - its the bread you get with indian food thats stuffed with coconut and sultanas!) Just the other night I had a tray of indian take-away on my lap when my nann bread starting disappearing over the edge! On close inspection I saw two black pointy ears peeking over the top of my tray, and just underneath was Bod with his podgy little paws on my bread! (not to mention his big chops chomping on it!) Still I don't mind cos it makes me chuckle!

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The thought of your kitty stealing your bread just gave me a chuckle too! Quite a little cat burglar! How much does he weigh?
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Well, he's quite a little podge! I'm not sure exactly how much he weighs (he never stays on the scales long enough!) but Im pretty sure its as much as a small dog! I don't think I could pick him up one handed! - The funniest was when he had just been "altered" (much to his manly disgust!) - he PILED on the weight! His face was like a pumpkin not ot mention his tummy! hee hee! Now, thankfully he's slimmed off a bit, but hes still a very nice armful! (Mummy feeds him well....)

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Debby and Cleo-that is so funny that your cats won't eat off the ground. My cat Oreo is exactly the opposite. He will scoop his dry food out of the bowl with his paw and then eat them off the floor!! At first I thought something was wrong w/ his food bowl so I got him a new one, but he still does it. We even have a game where I toss the kitty treat somewhere in the room and my kitties scramble to find it!
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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
I am so glad I started this thread! I never thought I, or anyone else, would have so much fun with it! :LOL:

Lily has developed a new quirk lately too.

When she eats, she goes to her bowl, takes a few nibbles then over to Cagneys bowl, a few nibbles...back and forth until she's full It's the same food, but I think she feels like maybe there's something better in Cagneys dish?
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence?

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My Sasha does that, too. She'll decide she's hungry, scoop her food onto the floor, then eat it. and, if I spill any food when I feed her, she always goes for the stuff on the floor first. I'm starting to think getting her a new food bowl wold be pretty pointless.
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Well, Tonya likes to scoop kibbles out of the bowl and onto the place mat before eating them. Micheala favors taking a big mouthful of kibbles and retreating to a point several feet away, dropping the kibbles on the floor and then consuming them. I've thought about trying those two methods myself with human food, but people might talk and thus harm my sensitive nature.

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Merlin is being a spoiled brat again!!! :laughing: :laughing:

I usually buy him a certain brand of cat food, in a 3 lb bag, it is his "special" food..because the outside cats get a 20 lb bag of "walmart" brand cat food....which they are perfectly happy with (special kitty)

Anyway....since Merlin is my baby... I usually buy him this stuff that has crunchy outside, and soft middles...and he just loves it!
So this week I decided to try a little cheaper brand...(never again)
I put it in his bowl, he eagerly went to it, as he always does at feeding time......stopped....sniffed it...then looked up at me. Then he walked away.
No matter how hungry he is, he refuses to eat the cheapo cat food, which the outside cats would probably consider a gourmet feast!!!!!!!!!!
Talk about spoiled rotten!!!!!!!
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Ah, yes! The age-old problem of fussy palates! Well, the veterenarians at one veterinary where I worked years ago had a saying: "There is no record of an animal's skeleton being found in proximity to a full food bowl."

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My oldest cat Bagpuss is rather fussy, she like s human food but the regular stuff like chicken, fish and steak. Jake on the other hand - if I eat it then he eats it. Pizza, tomatoes, toast - he loves to have toast and tea with me in the mornings. Spaghetti bolognaise, roast dinners with gravy - I could go on but basically he eats anything I eat!!!!!
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I swear I have one of the strangest cats in the world. He knows his dinner time and promptly lets us know when it's his dinner time. However he won't eat when we feed him. He needs to wait at least an hour before he will come back and eat. It's as if he just wants to know it's there! Also he totally refuses and human or cat treats. I have tried them all. Never met a cat who wouldn't eat anything. I've tried fish, seafood, beef, chicken, pork, cheese, milk, even the store bought cat treats. He refuses to touch anything except his cat food. I guess i'm not really complaining, I just thought it was weird.

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