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6 Week Old kitten questions.

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A few questions about my new 6 week old kitten.

Okay so I've had him for over a day now, hes gotten really comfortable with my bedroom and myself. Playing very actively 20-30 minutes at a time with his toys then napping for a few hours. Constantly meowing and coming for my hands and legs, pawing at it for fun and loves being scratched at the belly. Point is, hes comfortable here.

Yesterday, as soon as I adopted him I took him to a vet to get shots for worms and did a basic check on health and everything looks good but for the last 24 hours hes only barely licked his wet food and very minor amount of water. Pee'd twice in the litter box but no poop at all. Whats up with that?

Also, he will eat dry food and wet food tiny bit at a time if I have it on my finger tip and bring it to his face. But I cant keep doing that as I do have work and he bites my fingers pretty damn hard lol. Other wise, he will barely lick the surface of his little "wasabi" plate of wet food and thats it. Is that normal?

Finally, this morning I tried mixing some water in his wet food to make it easier to go down, he went for it but afterwards he started meowing constanly as he goes around in circles licking his paw and making this snort/half a cough noise after each meow. DId he just got some food in his nose? or whats the deal?

Anyways, my biggest concern is that he isnt pooping. I've tried the wet towel rubbing on his bum trick, he just runs off.

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Where did you get him? It sounds like he isn't fully weaned yet. 6 weeks is really too young for a kitten to leave his mother and littermates. Anyway, call the people you got him from and ask what they were feeding the kittens. If he wasn't eating solids yet, you'll have to teach him how to eat it. . .just keep feeding him from your finger (or a spoon if he bites!) and try to direct his mouth to the food bowl. At this age he should be fed all he can eat 4-5 times a day, with mushy canned food (add kitten formula or water t make it mushy). You can leave dry food down for nibbling but he may not take to it for a couple weeks--his teeth are still tiny.
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i got it from a litter that belonged to a friend. she told me they're weaned already. hes very active and playful, constantly pawing me to play with him. and he does go eat on his own at the watered down mushy wet food, just tiny tiny bit at a time. i mean like 1 tea spoon a day if less.

is it just hand feeding?
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If he's really only eating 1 teaspoon a DAY (not per sitting), you should get him to the vet quickly. That's not enough to keep him alive, and definitely not enough to help him grow. I would say that a 6-week-old kitten should be eating around 3 ounces of canned food a day.
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Hi there...
Is this a good friend of yours?
I know it is going to break your heart a little, but it will make a world of difference on this kittens life: can you bring this kitten back to his momma? He should stay with her for another 5-6 weeks... You can pick him up later, when he is a bit more grown up... This will ensure a healthy and social life...
He is so so young, aside from being weaned (which I do understand you say he is already), he severely lacks social skills that only his mom and and his littermates can give him - this will prevent a bunch of problems to you and to him in his future. A lot of behavioral problems specially...
I know, I know it is a very hard to do... but maybe you can go and visit everyday? This will really be for the best interest of the kitten and yours
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so at 6 weeks they might still not want to eat dry food yet so i shouldn't worrie  much

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There is a big difference between starting to eat solid food which normally happens any time for 3 to 6 weeks, and being fully weaned and not needing mum.  He should feel solid, not boney, and he should be eating lots at this age.  He might not be interested in biscuits but so long as he is eating plenty, playful, growing and not boney that's probably OK.


But if he is eating as little as you say that's a major problem and he will go downhill very quickly.  If not he either needs to go back, or see a vet.  However many vets are not good with small kittens.  He might take a bottle with KMR.


Out of curiosity, does he have blue eyes?

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Ok I was all ready to respond and checked the date- it's an old thread. 


OS I can't believe you fell for it! I expect more from you!!!!! bigwink.gif

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Originally Posted by EB24 View Post


OS I can't believe you fell for it! I expect more from you!!!!! bigwink.gif


laughing02.gif laughing02.gif



Still timely advice, there's more to weaning and socialising that just starting to eat solids. 

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