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crazy question

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Both my cats do this and I have absolutely no idea why - why do they suddenly get up after being asleep for ages and then zip from place to place - stop as if on a sixpence - then set off again. mine often roll as well and then suddenly - off again like they are on fire! It ceases as quick as it starts and the cat just walks over as if to say "that was good for me - how about you?"
They both drive me nuts when they do it!

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I would call it a : work out lol Well , in the morning I strech , so maybe they strech lol
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lol cats are such freaks

Zoey does this all the time. Especially after she's just gone to the litterbox, she races through the house at like 100 mph

It always happens at night too right before I want to go to bed She sleeps the entire time I am home then 10 min before bedtime she decides she wants to run around the house like a complete maniac
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Thank god its not just me - the pair of them just go nuts and I have no idea why? I wonder if my wife is putting cat nip in the kitty box but then again, they both go outside most days and they dont do it there!
Wonder what they call this condition - catfreakoutsitis?

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lol Kev , thats funny
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LOL! Kev!! Do your cats get that "crazy" look in their eye when this mood stikes?
.....Pupils the size of saucers....that sort of look? LOL!!

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I've noticed Henrietta does this too. Not sure why! Maybe they just have all this pent-up energy since they sleep so many hours a day!
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There is a phenomenon known as the "ten o'clock crazies" that affects a lot of cats, around ten p.m. It is not known what causes this. Over the years, I have had many cats who exhibited this behavior.

Rowdy gets especially lovey, just after Bill gets out of the shower. I don't know if she likes the way he smells (I do)or if she likes the feel of terry cloth (he's either wrapped in a towel or wearing his robe). She gets on his lap, rubs herself all over him and licks any bare skin. Good thing, that I'm not the jealous type!

Buddy gets playful, at bedtime. He burrows under the sheet, as I'm straightening it out and stays for some playtime, before Bill and I go to sleep or whatever.
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