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anyone understand computers???

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I have been out a bit today and enjoyed a walk following the vasectomy on monday, although I know I have over exerted and am exhausted. I have settled with a bottle of bud and am off to bed soon. I have purchased a web cam and a microphone and plugged it all in. Does anyone know how to apply sound to the web cam so I can talk to my dad in Canada? My grateful thanks =- am ruinning XP
This thing is beyond me completely.

now glad he has taken the whole week off work to recover.. and I am out of frozen peas - waffles do not have the same effect!!

why is it that if i drop a slice of toast with jam on, it always lands jam side down - however, if a cat falls, then they always land on their feet?
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Yes, you will need a microphone. There is usually a hook up in the back of the computer for that. I know you can use a Web Cam and a Mic with Yahoo Instant Messenger, and that's a fun way to chat. It's probably better to use the head phone / mic, so you won't get feed back, while chatting.
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You need to have software or drivers in order to do this. Look for them on the web, there are some good freeware or shareware. I've just been too lazy to really do anything like that.
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Generally, webcams come with a CD with the software you will need to get things installed.

With MSN Messenger, and Yahoo, you'll have to use an Audio Setup Wizard (look under tools or help.) It will step you through setting up your microphone. You may also have to change your sound settings in the Control Panel of your XP.

If you want to test, let me know. I'm hooked up and can help you test.
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Oh, and Kev, have your wife get you some more frozen peas at the market next time she goes. i can imagine fozen waffles break when you try to shape them to fit.
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