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The Hulk

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Has anyone seen the movie yet?? Is it good for 7 year olds? well, Sam will be 7 on the 31st, but I wasn't sure if this movie was good for young children to see....
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After 5 pints of Theakstons old Peculiar - I turn green and its not as the Hulk - its possibly more expensive than going to the movies but the feeling I get lasts longer!... and I sleep for ages after that!

I have been a hulkamaniac for years as always loved the wwf - dont suppose either of these count though????

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what is the rating? Thats what I would go by.
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My son is 5,but will be turning 6 in a few weeks. I took him to see it. He enjoyed every bit of it. HAve YOU seen it?? It IS a bit what I personaly consider to be "violent'(fighting/shooting scenes) It depends what you allow your child to see,and how your child will react to it. As long as you know he doesn't easily imitate violence,or have nightmares from types of movies like that,he will be OK> DId he see the new scoobydoo movie? If he did fine with the ScoobyDooh movie,hel be fine with HUlk,Because personaly I think scoobydooh was scarier than hulk. Not that hulk is scary. It does show giant ("hulked")dogs that hulk has to fight and kill. other than that I dont remember anything scary.
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OMG I'd say that isn't appropriate for a youngster then! Sheesh! My co worker was really looking forward to seeing it and when she did, she was dissapointed.
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OK, thanks yall!! I may just buy him an old cartoon of the original hulk or something instead of the new one...
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