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Behavioral Problems with my Jesse James

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Jesse James was found as a kitten emeshed in cacti; was treated at an emergency clinic; had two eye surgeries to remove cacti spines. I adopted him. He is my dominant neutered male cat in a household of one dog, five permanent cats & two fosters.

He has always been Mommy's boy; likes to spend lots of time sleeping on me, wants me to hold him, very needy, demanding, attention seeking kitty.

He is very upset with my two foster kitties, my Feral adult cat, and me. He likes sleeping with me but since the fosters arrived he doesn't sleep on the bed because they are there too. He hisses and bats them especially when he encounters them on the bed or at the food bowls.

Also, if anything is going on he has to be there to check on things. He loves routine and becomes hyper when his sleeping routine is not the way he wants it to be. He becomes aggressive with the other cats when he does not get enough sleep. He literally whines and crys; rolls around on the floor; etc when he wants to sleep but can't because things are "not just right".

I am thinking about not fostering again because he becomes too stressed. The other cats are able to go with the flow and not become so overwhelmed by change.

Suggestions appreciated!
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That poor kitty has been through it, and certainly is qualified for a special needs kitty. I would stop fostering if it is that distressing for him, simply because of his history If he was just a normal cat who has been spoiled, I wouldn't suggest stopping fostering, but he does sound like he is stressed out, which could lead to sickness and possible vet visits. It simply wouldn't be worth it to make him undergo anymore trauma, he sounds like he has had his share of it!

Bless your heart for rescuing and for fostering, not an easy job either one of them.
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Thanks Hissy, I think my boy is a special needs kitty; and I will stop fostering because he becomes too stressed.
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AWWW!! That's great that u were willing to adopt and love Jesse James! Do u have any pics of him? I'd love to see him!

I also agree with Hissy that it'd be best to stop fostering since he has been through so much...

U are an BIG angel though for adopting and fostering various animals!!
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