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The vet gave Krista some Prednisone and some Lasix to help clear up her respiratory infection. Now shes eating all the food! I dont know what to do. Every time I see the bowl at feeding time, its empty and I keep thinking she is starving. Has anyone else had an animal on these steroids? What did you do?
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First of all, if it is pill therapy you follow the dosage to the measure. Cats need to be weaned off this stuff gradually. Steriod therapy doesn't actually cure anything, it can reduce inflammation, improve appetite, and help with asthma and allergies but it does not cure, and long-term use is quite risky, as is just stopping the medication without finishing it.

Try feeding her a little bit of raw chopped meat (not ground beef) or add some fiber to her diet with cooked green beans chopped fine. Add some grated cheese, or something with more bulk to it that will appease the hunger alarm going off right now inside of her.
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Steroids such as prednisone increase appetite and weight gain.
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Hissy, So the Prednisone isn't actually helping her pnemonitis go away? Is that what the Lasix is for? Well shes not supposed to be on the steroid much longer, her dosage is to decrease starting on Monday to a pill every other day unless she has relapse and then I have to call the doctor and see what to do after that.
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It is reducing inflammation, but no, it is not curing her, it is just relieving her discomfort.
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I can attest to the fact that prednisone causes weight gain... I was on it for a few years when I was young, and BOY WAS I FAT!!!!
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