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Powerball winner (loser?)

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Powerball winner

This is just too ridiculous to not solicit opinions on...

Here's mine - Typical. Everybody thought the guy was so great because he gave $3 mil to the church, then loses the remainder of the money because he's hanging at a strip club. Gambling my ass!
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Welp... he did get it back.... seems they found the breifcase that was stolen from his SUV, with everything still inside.....

Lucky Lucky Lucky!
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Boy I bet that car thief is kicking himself for not checking out that briefcase! That man was beyond lucky to get his loot back!
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who in their right mind would carry that kind of money around?
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It's kinda like the news guy said today....

When you have THAT much money, kepping half a mil in a case is like us carying 20 bucks.
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Bill and I got a laugh out of this! Hanging out a strip club, with over half a million dollars - that's a LOT of lap dances!
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hey.. easy come, easy go right?
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yea i thought the same thing, he went on about giving money to the chuches, and then this , i guess he was drunk in the woods near by and that is where the case of money was, he lost it there i understood because he was drunk. whatever happened sure showed his colors didnt it, he should give that darn money to the shelters for animals instead of carring it aorund at a strip club, silly man
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I would be afraid to carry that much cash around! Sheesh!
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All I could think of when I heard he had "lost" half a million dollars outside a strip club was, "My God, how many cats could that money save?"

I really, really gotta win the lottery. There are so many cats out there who need me to win so I can help them.
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on the news last night it said some strip club employees turned themselves in and returned the money.. yay.
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I have to say that reading a few reports about this incident (mostly on CNN), I have a bit of respect for this man. He said that he'd donate a specific portion of his winnings to the church, but after that it was his business. It seems like he's lived up to his end of the bargain, and personally I could care less what he did with the rest of the money. Besides, is his behavior any worse than that of some of our religious leaders?
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