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perfect job for cat lovers

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I was online looking for free samples and came across cat food and one of the links I clicked on had another link to click if you were interested in being a cat food demonstrator in your area on Saturdays for $10 an hour. Perfect, I was looking for a Saturday only job, and even more perfect is that it is for the brand my cats eat anyway, so I have the knowledge of this brand. So I will have extra spending money. Oh, by the way, the brand is Nutro which months ago I decided on after lots of internet researh on cat foods and reading ingredient lists. Linda
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Is it all over the US? or just in your part of the woods???
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I would love to do this and make a little extra money! If you don't mind sharing the link, I'd appreciate it!
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Same here, I wouldn't mind doing that once a week and making a little extra money.
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Me three!
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make that 4
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I did a little research and I found this

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Cool! I signed up! Our cats eat Nutro, so I can recommend it without hesitation!
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Thanks for the info!!! I signed up... shouldn't be hard to promote... my little guy eats Nutro all the time!!!
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Sue, thanks for posting the link. I started this thread this morning and have been away from the computer, so you beat me to it. Linda
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I filled it out and got an email the next day, so Friday I am talking to the woman who can get me into this job. I am looking forward to the extra money for promoting a food I use and beleive in anyway.
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Food Demonstrator ?

Can my Yoda sign up ?

As you can see he eats plenty of Nutro Max..
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I just got a call this afternoon from someone at Nutro and had an over-the-phone interview. She said I will be hearing from the regional manager soon for a second interview (also over the phone, I think). It is 4 weekend days a month, for four hours at a time, at stores within 30 minutes of my home.
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does it say you only have to work Saturdays and you make $10 an hour? It said MAINLY weekend/Sat. hours but didn't mention how much they pay? or did I miss something?
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Hmm well the woman I spoke with said the pay rate is $10 per hour, and they require 4 weekend days, 4 hrs each, per month. She said it can be split up however I wanted, for example, I could just do 4 Saturdays, or 4 Sundays, or I could do Sat and Sun in the same weekend for 2 weekends of the month, etc. You have to let them know a month in advance what your next month's schedule will be (You pick your own schedule).

It may be different in other parts of the country? This is in the Philadelphia area.
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I was told just a 4 hr shift every Sat is fine because I cannot do Sundays. I was also told the pay is $10. This is so great cuz it is the food my cats eat and I am doing it for mad money, to buy a new dishwasher and a carpet steam cleaner. Not this Sat, but next I am meeting the woman in person who is placing me at Petco and will only be 5 min. from home, I may be asked to do other nearby stores.
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Anyone started doing this yet? Very curious about it.
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I start not tomorrow, but next Saturday. I have had in person intervies to get my training manual and demonstrator table, table cloth and apron. You have to learn the answers to the 7 questions correctly, so you don`t bash other companies, but promote Nutro. So far I am getting a paycheck for 5 hours for doing paperwork and a meeting and have not even started yet! Once I get the speech down it will be great! My cats eat this brand so I know a bit about by products, tastey, nutrious, creates smaller and less smelly stools, easily digestable ingredients, guess I am trying to convert you to the brand, too!
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Originally posted by lmj1954
... guess I am trying to convert you to the brand, too!
No need to convince me, Spike already eats Nutro.
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Yes, it is a good choice. After reading about gross by products and about cats needs, before Nutro, I searched on the internet for days researching ingredients, and so finally a few months ago started them on Nutro from my findings.
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