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Tune Time!

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I was going to post this in the Music Exchange thread, but it was getting so long I decided to just start a new one...hope that's o.k?

I bought a c.d. burner (right before my computer klunked out) and just finished making a c.d. of some of my favorite songs. I'd love to trade c.d's with anyone who'd like to share?
I remember several people saying they'd like this, so if anyone is interested, please let me know. I'd love to hear what everyone listens to.

I was a bit surprised when I played mine back, didn't realize how much "broken hearted, angry, self-exploring storytelling" music I listened to! Most of what I put on my c.d. is music I listened to when my fiance was killed, or that we shared while he was alive...another story for another time.

Look forward to everyones replies,
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Hey you guys...if nobody responds soon...I'm gonna start singing!

And Airprincess, I listen to 'NRK 94.7...great station!

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the program director at KNRK is a dear friend of mine. he's english, and he's a pisser. I him to death. every now and then he will do parttime, when someone can't come in. his name is Mark Hamiliton. he does a great job running that station. and the nicest guy in the world to boot.
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Cleo....I would LOVE to hear your CD.... and as I promised Mr.Cat...I am trying to find a way to make copies of the Cd my step-daughters x-boyfriend burned for me, that has alot of my favorites on it. I only have the one CD and since they broke up...no way off copying it...but a lady that works with me said she might copy it for me....so I am going to buy some blank cd's and get them to her, so if you want to send me your CD, just PM me, and I will PM you back my address!
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PS... If you ever feel like telling the story about your fiance...please do....we are your friends here, and if you ever need to talk about it, you can always talk to us!!! Just start a thread, or if you'd rather not do that...you can PM any of us! We you! And if youre not ready to talk about it yet, that's okay too. Just know we are here for you, always.
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Ooh this reminds me, Cleo, did you get my PM reply the other night?

I have been slacking on burning my CD. I would rather download the songs off a file-sharing program than have to rip them all from CD's. So I will get around to making up a playlist, it's just been kind of busy here.
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Your compact disk is winging its way to you even as we speak! Of course, since we live in the same town it's not actually doing any "winging" — but it's a nice image to ponder.


My offer remains open to one and all: I'll happily exchange music with anybody!

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Yay!!! I love getting mail, especially presents!

I haven't bought the cases yet, but I can find something to put the one I made in.
Maybe I should try to figure out the "labeler" and "case maker" functions on my new burner now eh?:laughing2 :laughing2

I'll put yours in the mail tommorrow

I'm all excited now!

I made 4 copies...so if anyone else is interested??? (hint hint)

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Well, hey, I'm glad you're looking forward to that disk! Be warned, there's several types of music on it! Anyway, I'm anxious to hear your music "faves." I'm tired and am now officially going to bed. Nighties!

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I've been trying to convince my mom to get me a cd burner (my babysitting money is non-exsistent right now) but don't know where to start. so I was wondering, where you got yours, about how much did it cost, and if you reccomend any certain one? mom said if I find what I want, and do all the "research" on it, she'd see abou tgetting one for me. thanks
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Well, here's my two-cents' worth on the subject: I don't know anything about compact-disk "burners"! See, my compact-disk recorder came with my computer system. Otherwise, I'd be without such a contraption (as I'd never go out and buy one). Mind, it's a lot of fun having this apparatus!

Hopefully, somebody more literate in such matters will post here to help steer you in the right direction. It just ain't me! Sorry.

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Ok, I had a really good Tip Night at work and decided to splurge So I went to BestBuy and bought a Philips internal c.d.rewritable drive...

It records audio, data, etc, copies disks, and has functions to make labels, c.d.cases, and other Bells and Whistles.

The cost was $139.00 with a $30.00 rebate...not great, but not bad either...and Hey, when my feet hurt from tending bar, I have good music to soothe them!:laughing2

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Got your (my) c.d. today as I was going to the mailbox to mail mine (yours)

Way cool! You have a wide taste in music, don't you? I like it, some of it brought back some weird memeories though!

You should get yours tomorrow or Saturday, excuse the case although I noticed on the case there's a song by Cleo Laine...kinda funny, eh?

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Cleo and anyone else this might interest: You know what I like to do? Go to AUDIOGALAXY.COM and sign up. It's a shared music files thing like Napster. The only thing is on Audiogalaxy you can download everything- even copyrighted stuff. It's neat b/c youy could be sitting around and hear a song that was a fave of yours 10 yrs. ago and go look it up and within 5-10 min. you got it!!
But it' still cool to get C.Ds people made for you. It's so personal!
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I used to use Napster a lot...will check out this new site!

BTW...my e-mail addy is Cleo1117...kinda spooky eh?:paranoid3

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Cleo, I'm glad you enjoyed my/your compact disk! (We'll have to determine just whose compact disks these "exchange" ones are!) I'm anxious to receive mine/yours!

Chloe 111, I too enjoy Audio Galaxy! I've downloaded plenty of music from that web site, ranging from the Bulgarian national anthem to Atomic Kitten! It's a great site.


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Cleo! I want a copy of your cd too!! *whine* *whine*
I got Mr. Cats, and enjoyed several of his tunes, although different from my normal listening... but I really enjoyed it! Just knowing what he likes to listen to, meant alot...as a friend. I don't have a copy of my favorites cd to send out yet....because I have to find someone with a burner who will do it for me...my step-daughter's x-boyfriend burned my cd for me...but now that they are history, I can't exactly ask him to make me more copies... (can I?)
So...Cleo...if you want to send me one...with no real gaurantee you will get one back from me for awhile....let me know...and I will PM you my address....but I won't be back online probably till Monday....we are having a big 4th of July party here (a few days late) tomorrow, so I may be sleeping off a hangover Sunday... So...I will be back online Monday.

Geesh, I am long-winded.
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Your compact disk has arrived! Thank you! I'll be auditioning it tonight. (Hey, it's Friday night!) I've enjoyed it so far, due to the olfactory dimension I experienced when opening the jewel case!


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Sorry Joe, I packaged the c.d. up as I was leaving for work, and had just doused myself with cologne...didn't realize it had transferred to the contents! Hey, that stuff is expensive...it's called Contradiction by Calvin Kline (just in case you like it!)

I'd be happy to send you a copy...mine is not nearly as professional as Mr. Cats, but I'm still new to this...so P.M. me your address and I'll send one soon!

I wish more people were interested, but this is still fun! :laughing2:

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Your compact-disk full of tunes is excellent! I love the rhythm of rock and roll music! Although you favor Soul Asylum and Everclear, I found myself captivated by Gin Blossoms. I listened to "Allison Road" three times in succession!

I pity the fool who doesn't take advantage of your generous offer. Oi! Yes, you! Ask Cleo for a copy of her favorite tunes!

By the way, Tonya (the cat) was fascinated by your liner notes. She couldn't get enough of that wonderful scent. But, then again. . . .

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I'm glad you liked it, wish I'd had the "know how" to make a more professional looking package...like yours...maybe next time.

Soul Asylums "Runaway Train" is one of my very favorie songs...it helped me through some bad times in my life...in 1 year I was diagnosed with MS, my grandmother died, Mom had her 3rd stroke, Step-Dad died of cancer, son was in jail, and fiance was killed...I was angry, depressed, ill, and thought I was going insane...that song just made me feel bettet/worse?

I'm feeling Much better now!

Anyway, offer still stands

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Got your pm with the address...thanks! Will get yours in the mail tomorrow feeling a little shaky and weak today...it'll pass

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Hi hon,
Am dropping your cd in the mail in a few minutes.

I got brave and checked out the program to make the cover, insert and label too!

Turned out pretty well, pics of Cagney and Lily on it, the label is crappy, but was my first attempt.

Anyway, enjoy it and hope it brightens your day,

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Wow! Great way to share music! Wonderful idea Cleo. I recently met a guy in a band on the internet. He's so cool! I am a musician too, but this guy sent me a CD of his band and WOWOWOWOWOWOW! The name of their band was Skeleton Crew (was ) He's now with a band called Lemon James. However, I've never in my life been so happy with a band! They are outrages...to me anyway. Lot's of talent. Too bad they're not together anymore. That happens alot
How are you guys doing this anyway, I have lots of CD's I'd love to share by the way, my email address is bufbod007@aol.com and if you'd like to contact me, we can exchange addresses.

Love &,
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I wish I could take credit for this idea, but it was started by someone else, the thread got very long, then died, I just resurrected and re-named it.
I believe it was started by Blue or Mr.Cat...can't find it now, but was called Music Exchange.

What we've been doing is exchanging cd's we've made ourselves, of our favorite tunes, then sending them (via snail mail) to whoever wants to trade.
Mr.Cat and I have traded so far, and I sent one to Debby yesterday hope she likes it!

Would love to have you join in...and anyone else for that matter!

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Dear Cleo :daisy:

I'm so happy you responded so quickly. I'm definitely going to join!! I love music and would love to share all the music I have So, I guess I'll start burnin' away! :laughing2 :LOL: :laughing2 :LOL:

I'll go ahead and post when I'm done picking and chosing...it's so hard! Then who ever wants a CD we'll exchange...I guess that's the way ya'll are doin' it...Well, I'll get goin on this

Love &
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Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

I know I had fun making mine, I pulled out a lot of stuff I hadn't listened to in awhile, because I was always listening to the radio!
Brought back memories...good and bad, and I cried a lot...but it felt good, if you can relate?

I made up a new cover...this one I like better than the last...the covers are as much fun as making the cd...although I still have a lot to learn!

I tried to download Audio Galaxy, it took me to the site, but I was unable to d/l it....this damn PC is still not right!
Will try again though, it sounds like a cool site!

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I'm dying to join in but it's so far away I doubt you'll be willing to spend all that moeny on me
I don't even have a CD player

I'm soooo unhappy at times that I can't take part in such thing it makes me angry!!!
Still if anyone is willing to send me an old casette, they'd be more than welcome!

Love always!
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Hey Sweetie, I'm so excited! I can't wait to start, except I'm going to be so busy this week, I'll have to do it in dribs and drabs, I can definiately relate when you talk about your emotions getting involved in something like this! I know mine will, I'm so darn sensitive!

Oh and Billie my sweet darling, I'm so sorry for this, however, I'll definitely make you a cassette Hang in there baby, it will get better...just think all good thoughts and pray. Things change all the time, the key ingredient is faith

Love &
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I would love to make a cassette for you, but the cd player on my stereo is busted. The cassette deck works and records, but since I cant play a cd, thats no help...hmmm...theres a solution here somewhere?

Too bad the 'puter doesnt have a cassette deck, just 2 cd roms :LOL:

Maybe I can persuade one of my "Hi-Tech" customers to make me one...for a free beer or 2 (3, 4, or 5)

I'll check it out,

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